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Hurry Up and Wait

Posted on Wed Dec 20th, 2017 @ 10:08pm by Colonel Jordon Mason Jr.

Mission: Ruins

Col. Jordon Mason
SDS Security Liaison

Jordon shook his head watching the Ensign, her vest was crooked, and her pack was too heavy. He briefly debated on letting her go like that, but knew that the vest was going to cause problems, not least of which could be some balance issues. They were still waiting for the final 2 members of the team to show up, so he motioned for the Ensign to turn around. “If you leave this unadjusted, and we’re down there for 12 hours, your back will never forgive you.” He lifted her bag off her back, grabbed the adjustment for her vest and gave it a tug. He lifted it a few times to let it settle, then made one more small adjustment before picking her bag back up and helping her put it back on.

He glanced at the clock in the corner of his TAR display. They were down to about a minute before their scheduled departure. He could almost sense the annoyance of the rest of his team. They were used to the old standard of “You’re on time if your early, you’re late if you’re on time.” Still, they were dealing with an unknown, and a civilian. As a force of habit, he released the magazine on his weapon, cycled the charging handle, ensuring the chamber was clear, then slammed the magazine back home. This action always cleared his mind.



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