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Hit Me With Your Best Shot

Posted on Tue Dec 12th, 2017 @ 12:53am by Ensign Madison "Maddy" Chapman & Civilian Scott Mortimer

Mission: Stargate Command
Location: SGC --> Maddy's house
Timeline: Right after "Freedom"

The door handle clicking paused Maddy's fist as it was about to ram into the bag for the millionth time. Her head turned to see the door open and one of the nurses walk in.

"Ma'am, your tests are back and you're cleared to leave."

"About time," Maddy muttered. She forced a smile onto her face. "Thank you," she said, grabbing her Kindle and brushing past the other woman. She needed to retrieve her personal stuff and get home. Hopefully, her husband would still be there.


Opening the door to their house, Maddy heard the gunfire from the TV room. Scott was playing XBOX, Grand Theft Auto from the sounds of it. His rage game. Fabulous. She slipped her boots off, hung her jacket on the hook, then stripped down to her undershirt and shorts, pulling hair down loose and fluffing it a little. Taking the long route, she grabbed a bottle of bourbon and two glasses from the kitchen. “Hey,” she smiled seductively as she walked towards the sofa.

Scott looked over at her voice. He had wanted to be mad at her, but that smile… he grinned. “Hey yourself,” he said setting down the XBOX controller. He picked up his phone and texted Kevin really quickly.

“Drink?” she asked, holding up the bourbon and glasses as she walked over to him, purposefully accentuating the swing of her hips.

“Sure,” he nodded, raising an eyebrow as he settled back into the couch to watch her. Briefly he wondered what had gotten into her, then decide he really did not care because seductive Maddy was hot as hell.

“Good, cause I have had a few really, really bad days,” she said handing him a glass and pouring him a drink then pouring hers. She turned around and bent down lower than she needed to place the bourbon on the coffee table. “Almost lost Kim and her baby.”

Scott was thoroughly enjoying the display. “Wait.. what?” he asked suddenly, sitting up a little more and grabbing his phone. “Kim’s pregnant?”

“Yep,” Maddy said turning around. Her brow furrowed and her lips pursed as she watched him type furiously on his phone. “What are you doing?! Give me that,” she snatched for the phone. “Seriously?!” she snapped seeing he had already sent a text to Kevin.

“If you’re here, she’s there and they are way to occupied for him to see it,” he chuckled a little. “Why are you mad?”

“Ugh,” Maddy scoffed, turning around and tossing his phone across the room before heading out of the game room, shooting back the bourbon.

“Maddy,” Scott stood up, grabbing the bottle of bourbon since he would obviously need a peace offering. “What did I do?”

“If you don’t know, you’re a moron!” she yelled as she stormed up the stairs.

“I texted my best friends congrats, I would hope you told your best friend congrats!” Scott said, trying to catch up with her.

“No, you texted your best friend information you found out about his wife from ME, her friend, not from her, not from him!” Maddy yelled, spinning around in the bedroom to face him as he followed her in. “FROM ME! You made this about YOU!”

“Kevin’s a great dad, he deserves to be one again, he’s been wanting this for a long time! I’m happy for them and wanted to say so,” Scott said, reaching out to take her empty glass.

She pulled her hand and the glass away from him. “You don’t get it! You didn’t even hesitate to take advantage of my complaining about my shitty day! This makes it impossible for me to talk to you, to trust you! This was NOT supposed to be a problem!”

“Oh come on, you do the same with Kim,” Scott replied.

“No. I don’t!” Maddy snapped. “When you tell me things about Kevin, when you’re bitching about your day or your problem with your friend, I don’t tell his wife! I respect YOU and US enough to keep it between US!”

Scott paused for a moment. “I’m sorry. I was just excited. Why aren’t you excited?” he asked, stepping towards her.

“That’s a joke right?” Maddy said, reaching over to snatch the bourbon from his hand. She poured herself another glass and shot it back.

“No... “ Scott shook his head.

“She’s pregnant! That’s not a good thing in our line of work!” Maddy said. She wanted to mention the she almost died trauma again but she no longer trusted Scott not to be a direct line to Kevin. She slammed down a shot.

“She wanted the baby too. I’m sure she’s happy, why don’t you try being happy too?”

“Because it’s a STUPID idea!!” Maddy snapped, pouring and taking another shot. Scott sighed. If he could go back in time and not touch his phone he would. They’d be having naked fun instead a screaming match. “It’s a stupid idea,” she sighed, dropping down to sit on the bed pouring another shot.

“What’s going on luv?” Scott said sitting down next to her. “She’s pregnant, you’re acting like the world ended.”

“It is,” Maddy said, shooting back another drink. “Forget it,” she stood up and wobbled a little.

“Woah,” Scott put his hands on her hips. “Careful,” he said standing up. “Why don’t you give me the bourbon.”

“I’m fine,” she yanked away from him, barely catching her own balance.

“Uh huh,” he nodded. “Can I have some at least?” he asked, holding up his glass. Maddy sighed, and poured him some. “Thanks,” he said, putting his free hand on the bottle making sure his fingers overlapped hers. “You got out the good stuff, but not for celebrating,” he sipped at the bourbon, rubbing his fingers lightly on hers. Her eyes were down turned, watching their hands on the bottle. He knew she was pulling away internally, back into her dark place. “Mourning then? What are we grieving?”

“Nothing,” Maddy whispered. “I just want to get drunk and go to bed..” She pulled the bottle, and her hand, away from Scott and poured herself another.

“How about we just go to bed…” he said as he stepped around to her side. “I can find.. other ways to help you forget.” Sweeping her hair away, he leaned in and kissed her neck.

“I might hurt you,” Maddy whispered, tilting her head back to give him more access.

“Hit me with your best shot,” he replied, kissing around her neck as he moved behind her.

Maddy stepped away from him, walking over to the nightstand. She finished her bourbon quickly, setting both the glass and the bottle on the nightstand. “Finish it,” she ordered, looking at the glass in his hand. Scott shot the bourbon back before tossing her the glass, which she added to the nightstand. She moved quickly and forcefully towards him and Scott smiled slightly, she was right someone might get hurt tonight, but it was going to fun.


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