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Posted on Mon Dec 11th, 2017 @ 12:19am by Ensign Madison "Maddy" Chapman

Mission: Stargate Command
Location: Quarentine
Timeline: 12 hours after "Let Us Out"

Maddy breathed out forcefully. Meditation had never been her thing. The only place she could fully quiet her mind was underwater, which would be impossible stuck in quarantine. It would take at least a day for the medical staff to determine if they were infected. Maddy felt fine. She doubted they were sick. But safe was better than sorry. The last thing she wanted was to take an alien disease out to Earth and start an extinction level event. Huffing another puff of air from her lips, she opened her eyes and stood from her cross legged position on the floor. This was stupid.

She had forced herself to back to sleep after the first seven hours, but now with a total of eleven hours of sleep, it was impossible to sleep any longer. This room was too small and annoying. There was only one thing to do in this jail cell. At least it was something she was good at. Moving towards the bag that Mike had graciously provided her, she started beating up on it. She wanted to run, or swim, or do anything physical that involved changing scenery! But this would have to do.

Her mind wandered to Scott. They were doing so well, she worried that this might toss another monkey wrench into their relationship. He was just coming home from a long trip, she had not anticipated an off world mission interrupting his home coming. Since he had found out about her real life and not the pathetic cover stories provided to them, he had taken her vanishing acts much better. This delay would be hardly anything compared to other missions. In fact, Maddy wondered if it was not her who was more upset by this delay than Scott would be. Five years ago she would never have thought she could want to be sitting at home with someone more than the adrenaline of running around on another planet. But here she was, wishing she could be home laying on the couch with her husband.

"Focus Madison," she chastised herself. Her form was getting sloppy as she thought about Scott. Zoning in on the motions, she locked into the satisfying thud of her fists and leg contacting the bag. These moves were a lot more fun to practice with another person, but at least the bag kept her busy.

A while later, covered in sweat and sufficiently exhausted again, Maddy moved over to the bed and sat down. Reaching over to the nightstand she grabbed her Kindle. Catching up on some reading would hopefully pass some more time.


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