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Let Us Out

Posted on Sun Dec 10th, 2017 @ 2:34pm by Civilian Lizette (Lizzy) Rosetti

Mission: Stargate Command
Location: Quarantine
Timeline: Some time prior to the briefing

Lizette (Lizzy) Rosetti
Major Kimberly Spears
Some time prior to the briefing


Lizzy was sitting in quarantine and it felt like it had been forever at this point when in reality it had only been a few hours. This was overall a pretty boring process for her but she fully understood why. She didn’t want to spread anything potential to anyone else in the building or on the planet but did wish it was more entertaining.

After Kim had hung up the phone with Maddy, she sighed as she laid back in her bed. The walls already felt like the walls were closing in ever so slowly the longer she sat in this room, under the heavy rock of the mountain. PIcking up the phone once again, she called out to the main infirmary to be connected with the other quarantine room. She was worried about their new linguist. She hadn’t had travel offworld before, and this mission had been kind of intense. A couple of rings later and she heard the click of the phone picking up. “Hey, It’s Kim. How are you doing?”

Lizzy picked up the phone in her “room” as it rang and heard Kim on the other end. “Hey. I think I am okay. Starting to feel cramped. I need to get out of here and go walk around and maybe take a bath. I feel very dirty still after everything. Like there is just a stench oozing off of me.” She sighed and paused for a moment. “Are we getting out of here soon do you think?”

“Hopefully. The cultures take about twenty four to thirty six hours to grow and analyze. So we should be out within a couple of days.” Kim replied, trying to keep her voice upbeat. “Go ahead and let Pierson know you want a shower. We have the quarantine showers at our disposal at least.”

She sighed and leaned her head back against the wall. “So that’s longer than I thought this would take...I was hoping a few hours…” She paused. “What do people normally do during these situations?”

Kim could sympathize with Lizzy’s disappointment. “Sleep, read, catch up on television shows you may have been missing, especially if you’ve been off world a lot.” She replied. “Find ways to stave off boredom. At least we’re not here too long. I’ve had to have people in quarantine for almost a month before with a nasty virus we had no cure for, so we’re really getting off lucky.”

“Well I guess if it could actually be worse, than a couple days isn’t too bad. I’m just not used to being kept in like this. Normally I’m in more open environments!” She sighed. “Well, maybe there are some Halloween movies on already or some new show I didn’t know about. I’m sure that will help the time pass faster anyways.”

“Yeah, TV is always a safe bet. They should have brought down laptops too for you to use to do work if you feel like it. I think I’m probably just going sleep as much as I can, passes time the quickest.” Kim said, still feeling the nagging sensation of claustrophobia setting in, which she kept pushing to the back of her mind. “Feel free to call me if you need anything while we wait for freedom.”

Lizzy couldn’t help but smile. “Thank you very much Kim for taking the time to talk to me and check in. I appreciate it and I think it’s going to make this entire process better. I think I am going to be okay for now. If you need to talk as well, just let me know.”

“Thanks.” Kim said appreciatively. At least the new linguist seemed to be in good enough spirits and not breaking down at the craziness of her first off world mission. “Have a good night. I’ll check in tomorrow. I promise, not every mission off world ends with us in quarantine.”

Lizzy chuckled. “That is good to know. You have a good night as well.” Lizzy hung up the phone, turned the tv on for some background noise and snuggled down into the bed, hoping for some peaceful sleep.



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