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What? Me?

Posted on Fri Dec 8th, 2017 @ 5:43pm by Corporal Inola MacKenna

Mission: Ruins

Cpl. Inola MacKenna
SDS Admin Assistant

Inola was surprised to be called to a mission briefing, particularly when she’d found out she was actually going on the mission, and wasn’t just there to coordinate a security team being sent to the location. It wasn’t a problem really, she’d been trained to go into the field, and her previous life experience also helped. Though her armor and everything hadn’t arrived yet, so she’d have to use loaner stuff. She listened to the Colonels question, and waited for the Admiral to answer. While she waited her mind wondered to equipment needed. This would be her first-time off world… shame she couldn’t take a selfy and post it on social media.



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