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In a Name...,

Posted on Tue Dec 5th, 2017 @ 3:21pm by Civilian John Doe

Mission: Ruins
Location: Outside SGC Briefing Room
Timeline: 5 min to Misson Start

John Doe stood in the baptism of heat and water that rained down in pressure from the overhead shower, the steam falling in blankets to cover the surfaces of the small bathroom. For moments he stood in the quiet of his own lost mind, a tumble garble of images and sounds assaulting passingly like the falling pieces of a puzzle that had too many images to collectively contribute to the whole of his fracture memory. They were simply ghosts, haunting him briefly, descending but then vanishing all the same like a flame to the flicker of a wind blown.

There wasn’t any explanations, physical or mentally, as the doctors explained after the examination. They were all very trusting, very convinced. John felt fine despite the many scars upon his body that would tell a different story if allowed to. He considered notions that this was all part of some elaborate military test, himself as the subject of some memory or mental debilitation and all the questions asked during the appraisal was prescribed to endocrine their own experimentation. Perhaps that’s why knowledge of this place was so freely given. To what John was informed, this was the Cheyenne Mountain Complex, a military installation and defense bunker location in Colorado Springs. What he had passed through, the glowing portal of light and cobalt was called a StarGate and in less than thirty minutes he would use the same gate to the ruins of another world several billion lightyears from Earth. Given freely to a civilian without any knowledge that life and even inhabitable planets with civilizations hundreds of years old seemingly existed would have probably sent said civilian in a tailspin to question all that he/she knew of the universe. But the news fell flat on John, notably as their was some hidden buried mental note somewhere in his fracture memory that noted that he already knew this. Not of the StarGate and it’s methodology of traveling faster than light, but rather notions of other worlds, other civilizations within the cosmos of the known and unknown universe; a raise of another puzzle that laid down upon a table already filled with scattered pieces.

John turned off the shower, pulling the frosted glass door open to step out upon a military plush bathmat, ripping a towel from it’s hang to tussle and dry his hair and chest. He wrapped the white cloth around his waist before stepping over to the mirror, wiping the fog symbolically and literally as the face that stared back at him was a stranger looking back at him behind unfamiliar eyes. There were traces of whoever this was behind the chiseled features. A gunshot wound, a burn, and the canyon of a scar that traced up his left arm ending short to were his heart beat. It was this that John found his right hand unearthing as his fractured mind focused. He understood the pain, saw it in unburned listlessness that cursed him to scream in fire as something ripped through him like fire lightning. He remember punching deep his balled left fist into the sun, felt his existence break as the reality around shifted like a nightmare of anguish. It was one of his earliest memories, one that he could find focus with given the severity and significancy. Perhaps it was the event that robbed him of his memories, robbed him of his name and his place. Or perhaps it was the methodology that of which he found himself to be here at StarGate Command.

In finality he breathed, relinquishing his touch from the wound and the memory and brushed his hair.

They had given him a jumpsuit, a hue of blue with a name patch identifying him as John Doe and Civilian. There wasn’t much else to the coveralls sans the emblem that signified him as part of a StarGate Team; though he did not know for how long. He was slightly apprehensive about this StarGate and traversing through it. Before, if it was indeed the StarGate that brought him here, he wasn’t quite conscious of the travel, couldn’t remember. He hoped he didn’t embarrass himself too much than he already had given he got lost trying to find his way to the Briefing Room. There was a moment that he was hesitant again to step into the room and in that hesitation he stalled enough to note that the meeting was already in full swing. John resolved to wait outside in the hallway.


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