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Posted on Wed Nov 15th, 2017 @ 10:33pm by Ensign Anna Chambers

Mission: Ruins
Location: SGC Briefing Room
Timeline: T-20 minutes to Mission

Ensign Anna Chambers
Engineering Specialist

Anna sat in the briefing room quiet, he eyes flicking over the paperwork in front of her, assessing the mission and the available options for them. The mission was simple research, her technical skills would come in handy on the planet and a contingent of SDS contractors at their side meant she was, hopefully, looking at a pretty uneventful maiden mission. The would be her first time officially representing the SGC outside of Cheyenne Mountain, her first time through the Stargate and the first steps she would take on another world.

“Sir,” Anna sat forward slightly, flipping her binder closed as she sat in a more comfortable position. “Are you sure bringing someone who doesn’t even know their own name along on this mission is a good idea?” Anna paused, taking a small suction of air inward, filling her lungs with crisp, processed air. “Although the projection is reasonably low risk someone that could potentially be a liability puts the entire mission at risk.” Her lip slanted slightly, almost in apology, although this was her first mission she knew it best to clear up the particulars before they left so she wouldn’t be questioning the exact same things lightyears from any help.


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