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Mission Brief: Ruins

Posted on Wed Nov 15th, 2017 @ 9:00pm by Rear Admiral Upper Half Mike Fischer

Mission: Ruins
Location: SGC Briefing Room
Timeline: T minus 20 minutes to departure

By: Adm Mike Fisher
Location: Briefing Room, SGC
Time: T minus 20 minutes to go time


Mike had just finished sending the group off to investigate the Derelict, when he saw that the next briefing was about to start. This was a bit easier, and should provide a wealth of knowledge. It consisted of Rosetti, Chambers, Mason, MacKenna, and a person that one of the teams had found wandering on a planet. He had no memory of whom he was, or where he came from. For now, they were taken to calling him John Doe. He was opting to send him on this mission as it was to a safe location, and perhaps looking at ruins might help spark his memory. He knew Rosetti was itching to get a look at some of these, and this seemed like a perfect trip. It was also allowing Fisher the option to try out SDS on a safe world, to see how well they were with a boring guard duty mission. All of them filed into the room, every single one of them fairly new to the Stargate program, and this would be Chambers and MacKenna’s first off world mission. As everyone sat down, he smiled to them. “Welcome to the briefing. Your mission will be to investigate some ruins that we found a few years ago, but did not have the time to investigate. I’m sure you’ll be excited, Rosetti,” he said with a chuckle. “The SDS crew will be providing security on this one, put them to use as you see fit,” he said to her and Chambers. “Also, you’ll be taking John Doe with you. Try to get him involved and looking at the ruins, see if anything might help jog his memory,’ he added looking around the table. “You'll leave in 20 minutes through the Stargate. Any questions?”



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