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Posted on Tue Nov 7th, 2017 @ 3:56pm by Civilian John Doe

Mission: Stargate Command
Location: Level 22 Isolation
Timeline: Post First Steps roughly 1 hrs

He had found himself tired after the initial high of adrenaline wore itself too thinly even before they moved him from a holding cell to a more accommodating isolation area fitted with a few sofas and tables. As fancy as it was, it was still cell and he hadn't been given any sign that his existence wherever or whenever this was would continue to be one without imprisonment. He didn't even bother asking questions, keeping himself as the observer, his surroundings telling him more than questions ever would.

He knew himself to be underground, the elevator ride revealing many more floors besides the one he had been on with the glowing sideways..., thing. There were many branches of military, he had seen a slew of airmen, military police, a few army and a swath of marine. Though relatively to noting these branches from sight he furthered wondered how he knew of these branches, even further rank, insignias, and dress. Had he been in the military? Was there a supportive branch he could look into? Had his captives already begun searching? Perhaps they knew more than he did. Perhaps even the very reason he didn't know who he was or why he knew the things he knew was because this was a military base that conducted experiments of the mind. Perhaps he was a participant or perhaps he was already participating.

But that didn't explain the thing he saw on what was this bases' level 28. That glowing thing. That gate. Had he traveled through it? Where did it lead and to what purpose did it serve? Was it the reason that he did not know anything of himself, not even his name? It would seem that the gate, as he was calling it, was heavily monitored, a focus of study and operation throughout that entire level. It seemed foreign with the motif of the rest of the bases' decorum; centralized industrial military complex. But then the bigger of the questions played: Is this even Earth?

"Please have a seat," the Sergeant played as they brought him to the room.

"I gather by taking me here you realize that I'm not a threat?"

"That hasn't been determined," the Sergeant replied, "you will be in isolation until further orders from the base commander."

"I understand. Thank you Sergeant." The MP nodded motioning for the other two officers to follow. The door closed and he was left alone in a room fitted to accommodate more than a few people. A deep welling sigh passed as he relaxed, rubbing his wrists, at the bite that metal had played when he was cuffs. He looked around a moment more before his gaze went to the floor. "I hope these are temporary," he said ticking his teeth with his tongue.


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