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Up to Speed

Posted on Mon Nov 6th, 2017 @ 3:21am by Sergeant Greg Milson

Mission: Stargate Command
Location: SGC
Timeline: Post First Steps

Mike sat at his desk, going over the couple of missions that had returned. Both had been major, one a great discovery, the other.. well, had been almost a disaster. It had been about a day, and the three people who had been there were still in quarantine, awaiting results which should be back no later than tomorrow. Hopefully, all would be good.

Looking through the files, he saw that they had received two new people to the station, an Ensign Anna Chambers, and a Sergeant Greg Milson. A different team had brought back someone who seemed to have severe amnesia as well, he would have to meet this person soon to figure out their story. He noted on his calendar that Milson was scheduled to arrive any minute. Sometimes he wondered how the days slipped past so easily. Pulling out the file on the Sergeant, he went through it quickly, scanning the military records. He was an engineering specialist, so that would be helpful with any demolitions, defusing, and other things they might encounter out on their trips. They had been missing one for quite a while, so it was nice that the Pentagon finally sent one their way. He heard a buzz on his intercom, and a voice came through. "Sir, Milson is here to see you."

"Send him in," Fisher said in response, and waiting for the Sergeant to enter.

Greg had just settled himself into the bunk he'd been assigned in the room with a trio of other army soldiers, two of them were MPs while the third was a engineer like himself but specialised in structures and engines. He'd just finished putting up the last of his pack when a uniformed MP retrieved him from his room."Here to take you to the Admiral, sir." He nodded in slight as he grabbed the beret that'd been ontop of his bed, it was the only thing he'd still had from his time in afghanistan and iraq serving with ASOC.

The trip from the dormitories to the admiral's office was a short one that saw them travel down a series of floors that seemed to never end, Greg had alot of questions still considering the nature of the operation. Everything had been mun concerning his transfer and he figured the brass would at least have some sort of information on it. The dirty blonde haired man popped a peice of gum into his mouth as they walked, neither soldier seemed interested in making idle chat to pass the time and it suited Milson for the moment.

The Admiral's waiting room was much like he had expected it, appointed and held a few things that seemed to be trinkets of the base. The fact that this was a joint operation on an air force installation also seemed odd, he knew the boys in blue liked their own operational independence. But Greg knew such things were over his pay-grade, his job was to do what the orders said to the best of his abilities. Finally the Admiral's secretary nodded him through the oak door that separated the office and the waiting room. Greg walked into the room after he placed the green beret on his head, he stopped in front of the desk and snapped off a salute."Sergeant Milson reporting, sir."

"At east," Mike said, standing up from his desk, and indicating the chair opposite. "Have a seat," he said, sitting back down himself. As the Sergeant got situated, Mike leafed through the file. "Looks like exemplary service so far Sergeant," he said. "But, I like to know the people themselves, hear it from them. Files are impersonal to me, and only give surface details," Mike added with a smile. "Tell me, where do you come from, how long have you been in, all the interesting facts."

He settled into the chair across the desk from the admiral, the questions were ones he normally didn't hear given most commanders were more interested in what skills someone brought to the table then about the soldier themselves."Come from a small city in the high north of California. Been in for almost nine years now, bounced around but mostly been here at Fort Carson with the 71st." He left out the rest given it was all in his file, of course there details of some of his assignments. Others were filed with the traditional lines of black that signaled special forces work."Mind if I inquire what sort of operation needs someone with my training, unless you need help making this base deeper." He grinned slightly at the off the cuff joke concerning their depth.

Mike chuckled, glad that the Sergeant had a sense of humor. "No, not digging any deeper, that's for sure. Well, as I'm sure you were briefed about what the Stargate is once you arrived, you know we go off world to different planets around the galaxy in a matter of seconds, and we have ships capable of travelling to other galaxies in the matter of weeks. Sometimes, we need someone to disarm alien technology, blow through high tech doors, bring back new technology that might help us, and investigate new civilizations," he said, trying to explain everything that he could think of. "Be extra eyes and ears on missions, you never know when your expertise might be needed," he told Greg, leaning forward in his chair and leaning on the desk a little.

"Actually, Sir. This is the first I've heard of it. Just settled into the room assigned to me." He sat back in his chair for a moment letting the cloth and wood envelope him for a moment as he processed all of it. Extra-terrestrial travel and space travel, it sounded like something out of a scifi novel he used to read as a kid."But if it ticks or opens, I can likely figure out how to deal with it." EOD had been something he'd been very good at, but this would pose a definite new set of difficulties. He knew the were black door operations all through the military but something of this magnitude was definitely news.

: "Yes, and you passed all the required back ground checks, so anything and everything you do here is beyond classified. Only a few in the pentagon, joint chiefs, and the President know what we do here, along with the civilian oversight committee that comprises of a few nations working together and their upper level governments," he said. When Mike said it like that, it was astounding they did not have more potential leaks. "So, everyone is thoroughly vetted and checked out. It's a hell of a ride, let me tell you. You'll see things you never knew existed, go through space faster than you thought possible. It's..exhilarating," he said with a grin on his face.

Greg listened and nodded as the admiral explained the layers of secrecy surrounding the project. It all made sense given there would likely be wide spread panic from news of ways to travel through the stars beyond just the normal ones, but the soldier didn't comment on it either way as it wasn't his place at the moment."So, I get to go through this stargate thing and see new worlds, meet new people and get my kirk on?" The joke there was horrible but there none the less, Greg's sense of humor was quite bad a times.

Mike had to chuckle at the comment. there were a fair number of the scientists around that were big Trek and Wars fans. "Indeed, but if you get caught up in some weird alien love triangle, I am not rescuing you from that, you're on your own," he said, knowing that a fair number of personnel had inadvertently fallen in love with people off planet. "Although, we have yet to encounter any green people, so you might be safe," he added with a smile. "So, that's the SGC in a nutshell, right now everyone is on stand down, so please feel free to explore the base. Your direct supervisor will be Gunnery Sergeant McCaffery, he's a long time enlisted person here and kind of oversees the enlisted. Report to him when you're settled," he said. "Any other questions you might have for me?"

"None at the moment sir. I'll find McCaffery and get the lay of the land from him." Greg stood then and saluted once more, it seemed he'd gone from the frying pan that was the middle east to the fire that was the unknown and not just to him this time around. 'Once more into the breach Milson.' He thought in his mind as he waited to be dismissed, his mind processing everything he'd just learned as well as the fact that he'd be reporting to a Gunny but that didn't bother the man since he'd had the chance to serve alongside a few marines in his prior deployments.

Standing up, Mike looked at the Sergeant. "Excellent. after you get a few missions under your belt, it'll become routine. Just remember, not much else is different, everyone receives continual training, and we have a few weapons you might find interesting in the armory that the Gunny will help train you on," he said with a smile. "Dismissed," he added, returning the salute.

With that Greg escorted himself out of the Admiral's office and into the main hallways of the SGC, he was still trying to wrap his head around it when he saw the line that led towards the Armory. He followed it until he arrived at the armory, he hoped the Gunnery Sergeant was present.


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