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Check In

Posted on Thu Nov 2nd, 2017 @ 1:25am by Gunnery Sergeant Alvin McCaffery

Mission: Stargate Command
Location: Gateroom
Timeline: Returning from PX2-187

The team and their six guests exited from the rippling pool with Alvin bringing up the rear. His boots flanked on the ramp as he causally walked down it. It wasn't long after the Stargate shut down. He was sure glad to be home off of that dying world. Nothing a good stiff double bourbon and a cigar couldn't cure, he thought to himself.

He looked around the room and noticed there was still a bit of excitement from the Marines guarding the gate. Alvin also couldn't help but notice a bit of blood still on the floor as he walked down to the bottom of the ramp meeting up with the Captain, Olgen, and her people. Something happened on the other mission. Something pretty severe and recent. The Gunney looked at MacLochron, "if you don't mind, sir, I am going to check in the cubes and report to decon." He turned his attention to Olgen, "on behalf of the SGC, welcome to Earth Olgen." Alvin gave a simple nod and excused himself from the rest ofnthe group carefully dropping the sack with the data cubes into a specialized chute which transported the items to the science division.

The Sergeant continued on down the hallway to the locker room to the decontamination showers.


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