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Settling In

Posted on Wed Oct 25th, 2017 @ 1:11am by Major Kimberly Spears

Mission: Stargate Command
Location: Isolation Room
Timeline: ~ 20 min after arrival

Dr. Kim Spears
Chief Medical Officer


Kim sat on her bed, her back pressed against the cool concrete wall and her legs folded in front of her, the IV bag hanging from the pole she’d parked next to the foot of the bed. She’d been given a laptop so she could get some work done if she felt like it while they waited to be medically cleared, though she highly doubted she’d be able to focus on anything. Changing out of her destroyed and bloodied uniform helped her comfort level, but seeing the ragged hole torn through her shirts had only added to her emotional drain.

As her computer booted up, she finally got to see what time it was, and she let out a disappointed sigh. It was more than three hours after she had told him she was usually home and realizing that made being locked up in quarantine even more unbearable. She should be home, with her husband. She should have found out about her pregnancy with the typical pee stick test and not after Maddy had saved her and the baby with alien technology. Should. She had chosen a career that made should in her life as meaningless as a wish. There was no normal for her anymore and at this moment in her life, she desperately wished for what it should be.

After what felt like forever, her e-mail opened and she saw the last correspondence she’d sent to Kevin before she had left for the meeting. The time stamp showed it had been over 9 hours since the last message she’d written. 9 hours ago the most she’d been worried about was finishing the basement bathroom. She needed to collect herself and type a coherent e-mail to Kevin. Let him know she wasn’t gonna be home at least so he wouldn’t be worried all night. Wiping errant tears off her face with the back of her hand without the IV in it, she took a deep breath as she finally managed to get something typed out.

Hey babe, so things got a little less boring at work. I’m gonna be stuck here for a while, so don’t wait up for me. I had a spare moment and wanted to let you know. I’ll be home as soon as I can. Still can’t wait to see the basement, and now you have extra time to do the finishing touches. I love you so much and miss you immensely. :-*

Reading and re-reading the short e-mail a dozen times, she hoped it seemed normal enough for her, since she typically didn’t e-mail him she wasn’t going to be home anytime soon. Usually if she was late like this, she wasn’t capable of communicating with him. She was an emotional mess and wishing she was there with him wasn’t helping her keep it together. After her last read through, she was happy enough with the content and hit send, her eyes drifting to the IV bag, watching the saline drip into the line at a steady pace, trying to distract her mind from replaying the last few hours over and over again while she waited for a response.

Hey Sugar, sorry you got stuck at work. I was getting worried. Glad you're ok tho. ETA?

The sound of the e-mail notification made Kim jump. Pulling her laptop back onto her lap, she quickly opened his response and read it half a dozen times. At least he knew she was okay, so hopefully his anxiety level had dropped a little bit.

No idea and can’t hazard a guess, most likely not tonight.

She stopped typing, hesitating with what to say next. She could leave it short and sweet like that, which was probably best. If she had time to write him long, wordy e-mails, she obviously wasn’t busy. Not that she was even remotely busy, but that was the best excuse she had.

No idea and can’t hazard a guess, most likely not tonight. I probably won’t be checking e-mail much either. I’ll call you when I’m heading home. Love you.

That should do. She somewhat answered his question with an actual answer. She knew getting out of here tonight was pretty much off the table, unless there was a miracle. At this point, her staff needed time to sift through data and run their analysis and cultures, and they had to sit and wait in the meantime. Hitting send, she once again set the laptop aside on the bed before shifting so she could pull her knees up to her chest. Wrapping her arms around her knees, she buried her head in her folded arms, careful to not tug on her IV line, and cried, unable to hold back the flood of tears any longer.



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