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Breathing Fire

Posted on Sun Oct 15th, 2017 @ 9:43pm by Rear Admiral Upper Half Mike Fischer & Major Kimberly Spears & Ensign Madison "Maddy" Chapman & Civilian Lizette (Lizzy) Rosetti
Edited on on Sun Oct 15th, 2017 @ 9:45pm

Mission: Stargate Command
Location: Gateroom
Timeline: Just after attack

Maddy stood on Tayara, another peaceful planet shot to hell… literally. The serene surroundings were in stark contrast with the explosions in the distance. She waited until Kim and Rosetti were through the gate before turning and storming through herself. Her arm was still throbbing, Kim was no expert with the glove, but at least blood was not running down her arm. The familiar surroundings of the Gate room came into view.

Mike was standing in the gateroom, along with Colonel Armstrong, in response to the emergency offworld gate activation. A team of security personnel were at the gate, ready to respond if needed, even after receiving the teams IDC code. A moment after the iris opened, he saw Rosetti and Spears come through, a not long after that Maddy stepped through. “Medical into the gateroom now,” he said through the intercom, and the blast doors parted, letting in the medical team. He looked at Armstrong, then made his way to the gateroom as well. “What the hell happened?” he asked, seeing that two of them were injured. “This was supposed to be a simple medical mission.”

When was anything in this program ever simple, Maddy wondered. “The city’s under attack by an unknown force. Spears and I each got shot, lucky for me I have magical healing powers. The disease we went there to treat is bad, plague level bad.” She let out a breath and cast a quick glance over to Kim, knowing the other woman was going to hate what she said next. Hell, Maddy hated what she needed to say next. “I recommend the three of us check ourselves into quarantine while the lab analyzes the blood samples we brought back. While we were extraordinarily careful, until the lab can do a full workup I think we should minimize risk to the base,” she said looking back at Mike. They had no idea of the epidemiology of the disease. While she was confident none of the team consumed any water or food, and they wore their masks and gloves when interacting with symptom expressing patients, there was no guarantee they were not infected.

Kim's jaw tightened as she caught Maddy's glance. She had reached the same conclusion on the risk exposure once she has come through the gate, and since Maddy was on the same page, it was the right call to make, as much as she hated it. “I concur Admiral. We should take every precaution to prevent an outbreak on base.” She said, her voice cracking slightly as she sealed her fate at not going home any time soon. She hated this, so much. She wanted, no...needed, to go home.

Mike looked between the three, thinking for a moment. While he doubted anything came through, the had to take precautions no matter how detrimental to their mental well being. “Dump all your gear, I’ll have hazmat take it all and scrub it clean, and take samples. You know where the quarantine is,” Mike said, looking around and taking a deep breath and nodding to two airmen to go with them. “Get hazmat down here,” he said looking up to the gate room.

Armstrong nodded, and walked off to the intercoms, calling for a hazmat team to the gate room. “They’ll be there in 5,” the Colonel said over the speaker.

Sliding her pack off, Maddy winced as she stretched her arm. God that hurt. She left the glove in her back pocket, that way she could fix her arm in quarantine. Stepping closer to Mike, she lowered her voice so only he would hear her. “My kingdom for a punching bag.” This day had gone sideways in more than one way and she needed to punch things.

“I might be able to get one delivered,” he said with a slight smile. “Just don’t beat it to death, they’re expensive,” he added with a chuckle. “I’ll have one of our Scout vessels head to the planet and assess the situation,” he told them. “If something was attacking, it must have come from orbit. Our readings and dealings with the population a few years ago indicated the planet was all relatively the same technology level,” he explained as they got ready to walk to their individual rooms. “I’ll let you know as soon as I hear anything,” he added.

Maddy smirked and covertly winked at him. No promises on not breaking it though, that would depend on how long they were locked up. She straightened up and listened to the plan for the planet now. The weapons were certainly more advanced than anything they had seen in the city, an invader was a reasonable assumption.

Kim nodded as she listened to the Admiral and dropped her pack, along with her leg holster and weapon, for the hazmat team to clean. She didn't trust herself to try and talk yet, her emotions threatening to break through the strangled grasp of control she had on them.

Lizzy just stood there as the others gave the briefing of what had happened while they were on their mission. She was happy that they were back but her mind was still reeling with everything that had happened while they were there and how sideways things went from the initial plan. She followed the others as they made their way to quarantine and kept thinking if missions normally went that crazy. She couldn’t imagine that they all could, but this one was a huge swing going from a medical mission to them all being shot at with even more people dying. Lizzy wasn’t sure she liked the idea of quarantine but she understood the reasoning and was starting to think that it would be good to sit down and just sit. She didn’t have anywhere else to be and at least she wouldn’t be sitting around by herself going over everything that happened.

“Very good,” Fisher said, and motioned for the quarantine team to take their gear. “I’ll check on each of you in a few hours once you’re settled in. There is video equipment in each room that you’ll be able to call out and each other, just remember opsec,” he said with a smile, knowing it would earn him a scowl from Maddy for mentioning it. Looking up at Operations, he pointed to Armstrong. “Get a team ready to go through the gate back to that planet in 5. Take Mason and some of his SDS personnel with you. Might as well see how good they are in a high risk situation. Try to save that town and report back as soon as you’re able. If you’re not back from the planet in 1 hour or check in, we will assume your team is lost,” he said, leaving the last point partially unsaid.

“Aye sir,” Armstrong said, and moved off to get his team assembled. He let the Tech Sergeant notify Colonel Mason that he was needed in 5 minutes with a fully geared team.

Kim silently followed the rest of the group out of the gate room and toward the elevator to take them up to the infirmary level and quarantine rooms. As they reached their rooms, medical staff met them, dressed in their hazmat suits, to draw blood and take vitals so they could get to work on diagnosing the virus. “I need an IV, and some scrubs to change into.” She said to Anderson as her vitals were taken after she took a seat on the small bed in the room, her uniform still covered in blood. She hadn’t managed to drink near enough water, and the run to the gate had nearly done her in.

“Yes Ma’am.” Anderson said with a nod as he filled out the sheet before heading out of the room to get the IV set up and scrubs from the supply room.



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