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The Effort Behind Making It Look Effortless

Posted on Mon Sep 18th, 2017 @ 11:30am by Corporal Inola MacKenna

Mission: Stargate Command

Cpl. Inola MacKenna
SDS Admin Assistant

Inola returned to her desk after the meeting with her new boss. He was an interesting one. She’d always had a thing for older men… though she was guessing he wasn’t that much older. He’d been kind of easy to fluster, or at least to throw off, she guessed that would change, he hadn’t known what to expect. Now he had a much better idea. Still, now she also had a better idea of what to expect.

She took another sip of her coffee and let out a sigh. For a machine, it made a pretty good cup. Course it was the source of the coffee that mattered, and SDS didn’t scrimp. An email icon flashed on her task bar. She clicked it, and entered her password. It was from HQ, she opened it and started reading. Someone was making an educated guess that SGC would be asking for a security team to send off world sooner rather than later. Without knowing the details, she figured she could at least start getting some names for Mason to look over and choose from.

She laced her fingers for a moment to clear her head then accessed her secure link to SDS personnel files. She filtered out soldiers with families, going around the world was one thing, being entirely off of it was another. First thing they’d need would be a team leader. She filtered out all the Enlisted and NCOs. NCOs usually made good leaders, but in a situation like this, they needed someone who already had a pretty good idea what they were doing. No Lieutenants, a Captain, or preferable a Major she though. Someone who could operate comfortable with autonomy.

That had narrowed it down, there were about 20 candidates for team leader. She skimmed over them, then removed anybody with flagged health issues. That left 14. She filtered them out by age after this… nobody too old. Off world duty would likely be ruff, so nobody too old. Anybody over 40… that brought it down again to only 11… She couldn’t help wondering why they were over 40 and still majors. Either they were particularly happy with their positions, or just not very interested in advancement. Either way they were off the list… beyond that, she’d let the Colonel decide who to pick.

This search had made her realize that they needed a filter already in place, she should not have to filter the candidates as she went. She accessed the filter system for the personnel files and started adding her criteria. Age, Families, Health, TIS (Time In Service), Mental Stability. She could only come up with a few other items, she added them to the list, and saved the filter.

That should save her some time. Everyone that remained should be acceptable for being sent off world.

She applied the filter, then started going through Lieutenants. She wasn’t sure how many they’d need. Even with the new criteria they still had a fairly good selection, about 30 remained. She’d further filter that list when she found out exactly what they were doing. The enlisted she left alone. The leadership teams would likely want to pick their underlings.

She saved the list of candidates for the Team Commander and Team Leaders and linked all the names to the files then drafted a message to the Colonel with the information. Once it was finalized to her satisfaction she saved it, and closed it. She glanced at the clock on the computer and estimated… the Colonel should be out of his meeting by now. She sat up and started going through the schedule to ensure she had everything on it while she waited for the colonel to return.



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