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On Me

Posted on Wed Sep 13th, 2017 @ 2:13pm by Captain Kendric MacLochron

Mission: First Steps
Location: PX2-187
Timeline: After Initial Recon


After he was rejoined by the others, and seeing the Archaeologist was ready Kendric made a motion for everyone to follow him, putting the McCaffery on rear guard.

The trek proved uneventful, but the ruins were larger than expected, and also in better shape. Kendric looked along the road noting 20 buildings that were all in decent shape.

"I don't think I've seen this material before, looks like a high quality plastic. That's a new one, plastic ruins."

Kendric stopped in front of the building they had seen from the Gate, roughly 10 stories in height, appearing like the roof had partially collapsed, a few windows remained and the pale color likely had seen brighter days, there were some plant life nearby the building that didn't look like intentional landscaping. Overall it was obviously abandoned for some time, but difficult to estimate just how long. The overall architecture was very similar to the old Norse style from Earth. Kendric nodded to the archaeologist.

"See if there's anything you can get as a sample to do some testing at the lab."

Kendric walked up towards the entrance, a couple of sliding doors that appeared to be jammed roughly halfway open, enough to easily enter.

The interior was in shambles. At the initial entry a large wide open room confronted them, which was likely a lobby of some kind, there seemed to be some kind of computer interfaces that were all badly damaged, there also appeared to be large screens on the walls that likely provided some kind of important data, all of which appeared dead and damaged. The floors were covered with junk with some plant, but oddly there didn't seem to be any paper products. Further down the hall there appeared to be some kind of tube based transport system that seemed the primary way to get to the higher levels.

"It looks like this was likely some kinda of place of data, perhaps their version of a library. Hopefully those tubes will still work, otherwise we may be in for a climb. First let's take a look around this level, see if we can find a hint of what happened"



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