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Hospital Rounds

Posted on Thu May 10th, 2018 @ 10:38pm by Ensign Madison "Maddy" Chapman

Mission: Blast to the Past
Location: Earth
Timeline: After Revelations

A chill ran through her spine as she shut the door behind her. Internally, she justified it on the freezing December weather. She pulled the pea coat tighter around herself as she briskly walked away from the warehouse. She had been 110% positive what the right road was as soon as she knocked out younger Mike. But… older Mike had slipped under her skin and sowed some seeds of doubt. He was the only one who could do that to her. She needed to get away from him to think.

It was easy enough to blend in on a base. Especially with the Lt. Commander insignia she had snagged for herself. She strode purposefully while she let her mind wander. There were several times where she had almost begged him to tell her she belonged and he always spun it around to what did she think. And now, right when she was ready to fix her life, he dumps it on her.

There was no particular destination in her mind, she just acted as if there was an important meeting for her to attend. No one gave her a second glance. Could she just walk away from this chance without trying to stop future events from unfolding as they had? Older Mike may be right that she should not mess around with the timeline, but her heart screamed for her to do whatever it took to save her family. How many more lives would her dad have saved? Would Tony have grown up to be the famous chef he dreamed of becoming? Who would she be if she could undo those traumas from 17 years ago? What could she have accomplished? Right now in San Diego her 11 year old self was blissfully unaware of how wonderful her life was. Maddy had a chance, a single shot, to change it.

She took a moment to take in her surroundings. She had made her way farther into the base. Mike would not be happy. The base hospital. She was walking toward the base hospital it was likely young Mike would be there. Since she had knocked him out, maybe she should go check on him. Not to mention the fact that Mike was her Dad’s partner right now, so maybe she could find him. Walking in she instinctively knew where to go to hang her pea coat and switch it for a lab coat. Bases never changed apparently. Air of confidence, appropriately dressed, well versed in medical lingo, she’d fit right in. A quick stop at the board let her know what room she’d be able to find Mike Fischer.

In a few minutes, she had made her way to his room. She hesitated for just a moment before striding in with a large smile on her face. Young Mike was alone in the room, leaning against the propped up back of the hospital bed. He looked grumpy. “Good afternoon..” she picked up the chart and glanced at the name. “Lieutenant Fischer,” she tried not to smirk as she said it. “How are you feeling?”

“Better now,” a grin spread across his face as his eyes looked her up and down. Maddy had to swallow her laugh. Young Mike was checking her out.

“Oh why is that?” she asked all innocently as she walked over to his bedside.

“The room got a lot prettier a moment ago.”

She chuckled softly, smiling adorably at him as she strategically pushed a hair behind her ear. This was fun. “So it says here you had a head injury that resulted in unconsciousness,” she said looking at the chart again.

“Pft, hardly worth mentioning,” he gave her a cocky smile.

“You have a concussion Lieutenant, that’s not something to take lightly,” Maddy admonished him gently.

“Mike,” he grinned.

“Hmm?” she asked innocently again.

“Not Lieutenant… Mike. And you?”

“Lieutenant Commander Kimberly Eaton,” Maddy said picking the first name that came to her head. He looked at her encouragingly. “Kim,” she chuckled.

“Very nice to meet you Kim.”

“Do you mind if I look at the contusion?” she asked, casually slipping her hand into her pocket and into the glove.

“Not at all,” he leaned forward.

Maddy looked around for a moment to be sure no one would see her. Sliding her gloved hand onto the base of his skull she “inspected” his wound. She had hit him exactly right, sloshing his brain around so he would go unconscious, but left him with tissue damage. Easily fixed.

“Mmm Kim, you have the softest hands, and warm too,” Mike almost purred at her.

It was all Maddy could do to keep her laughter inside. If only Admiral Mike could see Lieutenant Mike right now. “I warm them up before any physical inspections, everyone here is in some kind of pain why add cold hands to that?” Sliding her hand away, she quickly shoved it in her pocket to remove the glove. “I don’t see any bruising or significant tissue damage, you shouldn’t have to stay more than overnight as we like to be cautious with concussions,” she smiled softly at him.

“Overnight? Well.. could you at least stay with me?” he grinned, wiggling his eyebrows.

Maddy laughed softly, this time it was impossible to keep it all inside. “I do have other patients Mike,” she smiled sweetly.

“Come back when you finish your rounds then,” he suggested, still smiling suggestively at her.

“After my rounds I’m going to bed,” she laughed.

“Great! I have room,” he patted the bed next to him.

“You are persistent aren’t you Mike,” Maddy laughed. Oh how she wished young Mike had not grown up. He was a lot more fun like this.

“I’m a SEAL, we never give up.”

“I’m learning this yes,” she nodded, trying to channel Kim. “I should go.”

“But you’ll come back,” he nodded confidently.

“Trust me Mike Fischer, this will not be the last time you see me.” With a smile and a wink, she made sure to leave the room accentuating her hip swing to give him a nice view. That encounter would keep her amused for a quite a while.

Opening the door to the stairwell, she took a step out before her breath was ripped from her chest. Troy Chapman had just reached the landing she was standing upon. Before she could react, he grabbed her, spun her around and pinned her against the wall.

“You have 10 seconds to convince me not to take you straight to the MPs.”


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