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“The Way Home”

Posted on Thu May 10th, 2018 @ 9:19am by Rear Admiral Upper Half Mike Fischer

Mission: Blast to the Past
Location: The Past and Present

“The Way Home”

By: Admiral Fisher, Ensign Chapman


It had been a few hours, and still no sign of Maddy. Checking his watch that he had synced with where they were, it was 2200, not quite his time to go find her. Hopefully she would be here soon.

The door pushed open and Maddy slipped in quietly. Despite her best attempts at rubbing it away, her face was still red from crying. She kept her eyes fixated on the floor as she walked in and set a big duffle bag down. “Here, these should help,” she said evenly, without a trace of emotion.

Mike looked to her, and walked up to Maddy. “You ok?” he asked, putting a hand on her shoulder gently, seeing she had been crying, and heavily.

“Sure,” she shrugged. “You got what you wanted, nothing’s going to change.” She pressed her lips together, still trying to come to grips with that.

“What do you mean?” he asked, looking at Maddy.

“He wouldn't let me tell him,” she shrugged. All this way, all the potential, and his stubborn belief was preventing her from saving him. “He did send supplies to help get us home,” she sighed, trying to find the numbness of defeat.

Mike had a feeling that was what happened. His memories never changed, and in the grand scheme of time loops, at most it would have done is created an offshoot into another universe. He looked at the supplies, and saw quite a few of the items they would need. “You tried, and that’s something,” he said to her. “And, he wants you to be who you are now, just remember, you are needed and wanted back in our time,” Mike said with a smile to her.

“There will also be a car battery and jumper cables waiting in the warehouse in case we need a jump,” Maddy commented, ignoring his last statement. She felt as if she had failed him again. Maybe she should have called her Mom.. she wouldn’t have the same stubborn streak.

“Ok,” he said with a nod to her. “Well, it’s almost time, we need to get to the stargate and star dialing by 0106 hours,” Mike told her.

“Joy,” she said dryly. She would help Mike get home, but she wasn’t sure she would be joining him yet. She’d have 10 years here to try and fix it without her Dad’s help.

“This will take both of us, I can’t spin the gate by myself. We just need to dial back out to the address we were heading to,” Mike told her, getting all the gear around they might need. Looking up at Maddy, he gave her a soft smile. “Look, I know that you wanted to tell him everything, and maybe you can leave a note,” he told her. “And, what if we return and you did save them? Nothing say you still would not be where you are today,” he offered.

“Really? Earlier you were incredibly persistent that I could not even think about it?!”

“More time to think,” he said with a shrug, looking at the tranquilizer darts and zip ties in the bags. “Perfect,” he said, realizing she was wearing her dad’s coat still. He recognized it. “You ready?”

“Yeah, I guess,” she nodded. “Lead the way.”

Moving to the door, mike slowly opened it, and looked around. Appeared everything was clear at the moment. Motioning to Maddy, he started making his way along the buildings, sticking the shadows as much as possible. Up ahead was their destination.

She followed him silently, knowing the plan and trying to will herself into sticking with it. No matter what she had to make sure Mike got home. “There should be four of them, one stationed at each door and the other two walking perimeter between,” Maddy said softly as they approached.

He nodded, and motioned to take out the 2 rovers first. Handing her some of the tranquilizer darts, he took a set as well and loaded the dart gun. Walking along, he spotted one of the rovers, and took a shot, hitting him square in the neck and making him drop silently. One down, he thought to himself, and loaded the next, waiting for Maddy to indicate she got the other rover.

Maddy had easily hit her target with a dart. They were on the clock now. She moved back to where ike could see her and nodded at him. She had forced her brain into work only mode, ignoring the numb emptiness that gnawed at her stomach. At least the targets gave her a place to hyperfocus.

Mike nodded to Maddy, and moved into the area containing the Stargate. There it was, waiting. He checked his watch, and saw the time. “10 minutes,” he said, looking to MAddy. “You okay?”

“Not even a little bit,” Maddy sighed.

“I’m sorry,” he said to her softly. “This has to be difficult, and I wish I knew an easy solution, but there isn’t one,” Mike said to her, moving over and offering a hug.

Maddy laid her head on his chest. “Younger you offered to let me share his cot tonight,” she teased, needing to lighten things.

He laughed. “Of course I did, I was high on pain meds,” Mike told her, rubbing Maddy’s back gently. He held her for a moment, knowing she needed it. “It takes about 5 minutes to spin this thing, so we’ll need to get this to work,” he said with a gentle smile.

Maddy scoffed a little. “Ok,” she nodded, stepping back. Young Mike wasn’t high on pain killers, just had no baggage associated with her. “How do you want to do this?” She had never manually dialed but she knew the inner ring was not light.

“One on each side, we’ll have to rotate it as we go to dial the planet we were heading to. That should slingshot us back,” he told her. “The horizon will have to activate right at the mark,” he said. “If we’re a few moments off, it might be we arrive a few minutes before or after,” Mike said, thinking for a moment. “Oh well,” he said with a chuckle.

“Just hope it’s only a few minutes,” she muttered, remembering the SG1 report where they were sent years into the future.

“It’ll be fiinnee,” he said giving her a wink. “You ready?” Mike asked, looking over to her.

She nodded. Nothing was ever going to be fine again.

Mike started rotating the gate with Maddy’s help. As they stopped on the first chevron, the gate activated, and locked in the symbol. “Chevron 1 encoded,” he said, looking over to her with a slight smile, trying to make it seem more like home.

With each lock of the chevrons, the fact that she changed nothing gnawed at her stomach. She was more and more convinced if she stayed she had a chance, 10 years worth of chances.

Mike watched as they reached the last Chevron, and checked his watch. The seconds counted down, and he knew it took about 4 seconds for the event horizon to establish. “Now!” he said, and they moved it, the final chevron locking into place. A few moments later, the wormhole established. “Ok, now let’s hope we arrive at the right time frame,” he said to her. “Ready?” he asked. He knew that the MPs were on their way, and were about 45 seconds from their location. The guards had check in intervals, which they would have missed. He leaned over, and kissed her quickly on the lips. “For good luck,” he said with a smile.

Maddy froze for a moment looking at him in shock surprise. He had just kissed her… for luck.. Right for luck. Luck that she would be able to fix things still. “Oookay..”

He took her hand in that moment, and jumped through the gate, taking her along with him. The gate ride was hella bumpy, once again.

They came flying out of the Gate into the gateroom. Since he had pulled her through this time she landed hard on his chest. She didn’t have time to process where they were. “ DAMMIT MIKE!” she snapped hitting her fists into his chest.

He looked to her, and knew she would hate him for quite a while after this. “I’m sorry, but it was for your own good,” he said shaking his head. “You’re right, I was not under pain meds, your dad did come in and talk to me afterward. He told me that sometime in the future I would run into you, and I’d know when the time came, I had to take you back home even if it meant risking your wrath,” he said looking to her. “An order you don’t ever forget.”

She punched his pecs again before standing up and storming out.

Mike stood up, and looked up into gate operations. Looked like they had not been gone too long, but they were all surprised to see them appear. This would be a report to remember.



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