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Posted on Wed May 9th, 2018 @ 10:59am by Rear Admiral Upper Half Mike Fischer

Mission: Blast to the Past
Location: The Past

By: Admiral Fisher and Ensing Chapman


Mike thought about it, but he had no come back. In his estimation, time usually could rebound from a disruption, it had been shown more than a few times in various reports he had read. But, time also had a nasty habit of being a stickler for keeping the status quo in the universe. There were multiple universes, as has been proven time and again by SG-1 finding various Ancient pieces of technology that let them hop around, and for one of them, it was used to change the outcome here so that Apophis was not successful in invading Earth. “You can change it, yes, and it’s an argument I don't think I will win in trying to stop you. But, time also likes to keep things the way they are if possible, so there is no telling that if that accident doesn’t happen, what is not to say a year, maybe 2 later, something worse happens, and it doesn’t change. I can understand why, I would hate it if I lost my family at a young age like that, and if given the opportunity, I can’t say I would be any different than you,” he said looking at her, trying to gauge her reaction. “I guess I won’t stop you, but I will still find a way back home, and who knows, maybe once you give that note, you’ll vanish from here, your future having been changed, or you may still be here, with either same memories or a different set,” he explained. “But, I also want you to know that I think you’re one of the best people I’ve served with. The crap you’ve been through, I would have known many many many others to have broken and run, but you keep going forward, knowing that in any way, you can make a difference, and that’s what SGC is all about. Each of us makes a difference, and you do in a very big way,” he told her, realizing that she probably felt like she should not be in the SGC, when she had as much right or more to be there than he did. “To be honest, you probably deserve to be serving where you do more than most of the people in the Program,” he told her, studying her reaction. “And I’m not just saying that, I have felt that way for a long, long time.”

She waited with pursed lips as he thought, anger sparking in her eyes. It was not often she had to challenge him but she was not going to back down. But then he started speaking. He caught her off guard, as he 180’d and was no longer going to try and stop her. Her brow dropped and her eyes batted as she tried to process what he was saying. This was a trap, this had to be a trap. Try to get her drop her guard she he could take her down easily. She swallowed hard listening to him compliment her in a way he had never before. Her eyes searched his behavior and posture for any hint that this was a trap, that he was trying to manipulate her, but she found none. “Lies of puffy flattery are not going to make me stay.” She blew out forcefully.

“Not lies, the truth, all of it,” he said to her with a slight smile. “I only lie to my enemies,” Mike added. “Everything you have done, and will do, matters.”

Maddy scoffed. She wished she could believe him. But she knew it wasn’t true, he had served with her dad. And she knew very well she was not even a quarter of her Dad’s worthy. “I want to go for a walk,” she said looking at him again.

“Go ahead, just don’t get caught,” he said, shaking his head. He was not sure how he could reach her, she already had her mind set. “Just remember, no one compares you to others, you are yourself, and to me, that means you’re a damn fine person and officer,” he added.

“I compare myself,” Maddy said, pulling the coat around her more. She hopped off the crate she had been seated on, still keeping a wary eye on him. All of this could still be a trap. Mike knew how to play the long game. “And I fall short every time,” she said quieter as she moved her way towards the door keeping her distance from him.

“You can’t measure yourself to your idealized thoughts of what you should be, or who you should be. If everyone did that, we would always fall short. You can’t use that as a measuring stick, the goal is in the stratosphere.”

“I'm fifth generation Navy and the daughter of a SEAL, so you're right, I'll always fall short.”

“You always find a way to push people away, even the ones who love you,” Mike said, shaking his head. “You never let anyone in to make you happy, or smile. When you begin to, you attempt to drive them away,” he added. “You want to change everything so that you’ll be fixed. Well, I don't think you’re broken, and I don’t think Scott does either.”

The first sarcastic quip that ran through her head was he knew that because him and Scott were just such close friends. However, she was able to stop it before it left her tongue. She knew he was telling the truth that he honestly believed she was not broken, which shook her. She froze for a microsecond as her brain processed this. Mike Fischer actually thought that she was a good officer, an asset to the program, and not a useless, crumbling cog in the machine. Exhaling a forceful puff of air from her nose, she asked “What time do you want me back?”

“Couple of hours,” he said with a shrug. “We’re not going anywhere until about 0000 hours,” Mike said to her.

“We’ll see,” she muttered as she opened the door and slipped out.


Mike waited, and wondered what she was up to, wandering around. Hopefully she would be back in time. It seemed, at least for a moment, that he had managed to get to her, so that was something at least. If she didn’t return by 23:00, he would go find her.

Standing up, he paced for a minute, wondering what she was doing. Probably getting into trouble, he thought to himself with a slight smile. That was one thing she could do, but it was one of her best qualities too, the never give up attitude she had. He really did not want to have to go find her and convince her to come back, with any luck, he had already done that and she was clearing her head.

He remembered he need to check the space weather charts, and made his way to one of the on base internet cafes. The computers were just available for use, no security log ins at this time. The internet barely existed outside of the military complex except in the forms of dialup BBS, Compuserv, or prodigy. He sat down, and recalled a lot of the commands, surprising even himself, and looked at the latest space weather forecasts out of Hawaii, as they were the most current it seemed. A major flare was predicted for 0512 Zulu, which was in about 3 hours. They would have to time it, and the dialing sequence would have to start about 6 minutes beforehand, that was as fast as they could probably move the ring manually. Writing down the information on a piece of paper he had found, he made his way back to the warehouse that was their safe zone for the moment, and continued to wait.



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