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“Arguing for Arguing’s Sake”

Posted on Tue May 8th, 2018 @ 10:40am by Rear Admiral Upper Half Mike Fischer

Mission: Blast to the Past
Location: The Past

“Arguing for Arguing’s Sake”
By: Admiral Fisher and Ensign Chapman


He sighed, knowing this was a futile argument. He had to weigh damage to the timelines and potentially not going home. “Fine, do what you want…” he said to her finally. “I’ll work on getting us home, I remember reading about something very similar happening. Or you can stay, up to you,” he told her, needing to focus on priorities. “Personally I have someone waiting at home for me, much like you do,” he told her, finally finding the rank pins. “ here they are.” Mike grabbed commander pips and affixed them to his collars.

“Do you even have a plan to get home?” she asked, folding her arms.

“Maybe. The gates retain energy, I’m not sure for how long, but I know they’ve attempted dialing it before, and you can manually dial it once. Intense solar activity can cause the gate to jump, we'll just need to review the space weather data and time the activation and go back to the planet we were going to, it’ll loop us back”

“Well since we don’t have any data plans back in the dark ages here it’ll be hard to review space weather,” she sighed. “And you still expect us to be able to get back to the Gate without running into more of the team? They are going to be on high alert now.”

“I remember. I also remember the night team winding up tied up, so obviously we did something at night. Best I can tell flash bangs would be the best bet along with tranquilizer darts.”

“So there you go, no way you can do that on your own so obviously the fates say I’ll help, but that’s not til night so we have some time to kill which will work out for me,” Maddy said. “You going to hide here until the sun goes down?”

“Need to find the space weather charts. Could probably use one of the computer cafes on base, they had limited access to BBS, internal news sites, et cetera.”

“Predictions were not great in this time. You’ll move better alone, so we’ll meet back here then?” she gave him a fake smile.

“So you can go and have a chat with your father, and get thrown in the brig?” he asked skeptically. “Don’t think so.”

“No, no.. I'll just wait here,” she continued smiling fakely.

“Mmmhmm,” he said. “I know what you want to do, but I need your help. It goes much faster with two of us, especially on these old systems when waiting 3 minutes to pull data was quick,” Mike said.

“I will be very little help, I never even touched a computer at this point, never seen the interface.. I'm 11 right now..” Maddy protested. She had not decided if she was going to contact him directly or drop a message like Doc Brown did for Marty in Back to the Future. And she could not bounce the ideas off Mike. If felt weird for him of all people to be her enemy, but he made his choice.

“Well, at the very least you can watch my back. And the interface is very similar to what we use anyway, probably a derivation of OS/2, but still a windows based.” Mike looked to her for a moment, seeing the mask she had on. This was highly difficult for her, he knew. Hell, even seeing his old mentor and squad leader was hitting him, but he had to keep things moving along, keep the emotions in check. Troy had been a close friend above all else as well, and had welcomed Mike into his family.

She clenched and unclenched her jaw. “Fine, after you,” she said waving towards the door. She was not going to turn her back on him for any reason. Honestly she did not want to be within striking distance but she had a feeling she’d have to follow closer than she wanted.

“Didn’t mean right this second, we need to let the hoopla die down a little first,” he said, checking out the door for a moment. “It seems to be around 1200 right now, we’ll wait until 1800, shift changes are the easiest,” he told her, shutting the door and making sure it was locked.

“That's a long wait,” she said moving to a far corner from him. She climbed onto a crate and sat cross legged with her back against the building wall. She folded her arms and rubbed her biceps, it was stupidly cold in December. She was too distracted and angry to keep searching through this mess though. Pulling out the paper and pencil she had snagged earlier she kept a wary eye on Mike, still not trusting him, while she tried to think.

“It is,” Mike said, moving to another spot and finding the winter coats. “Here, this will keep you warm,” he told her, grabbing one of the pea coats and tossing it to her. “Better than being cold,” he added, putting one on himself. Mike thought for a long moment of what to tell Maddy, and how to tell her. He had been getting caught up in the rules and regulations, and trying to make her see the good she had done with the SGC in the past. She could not alter the timeline, at all, who knows what the consequences could be. Perhaps a different approach was needed.

Maddy tensed slightly as he moved towards her and tossed the coat. She was on edge as she knew if he caught her unawares he'd easily take her. She had to be ready if she stood a chance. “Thanks,” she forced out, sliding the coat on. It was cold in this stupid warehouse since it was only housing surplus there was no climate control. She hated the tension between them, she hated the idea that this was going to come to blows. But she hated the idea of staying who she had become after the Accident more. If only he could understand that.

“Welcome,” he said, backing up a little. “I know I can’t understand what you’re feeling, and what this could mean for you. All I do know is that you’re very important to SGC as you are, and what you have done,” he explained, looking at her to gauge her reaction.

She scoffed a little. “I’m a tiny cog in a big machine that would run just fine without me.”

Mike shook his head. She honestly did not know how important she was to the stargate program. “I’m not sure if you realize how much disaster has been averted just because of you,” he explained.

“And what about all the disasters I’ve caused? How many planets and millions of people would be alive if I had never released the Haaken?” she countered.

“Those aren’t directly related to you,” he explained. “I’m talking you personally saving people, or realizing things that were happening. What if you had never been there to get your glove?” Mike told her. “No one else would have been able to get that.”

“The SGC has meddled with the timeline more than once, Samantha Carter sent a piece of paper back from the future, hell YOU directly ordered me to go back and change the past! Now we’re here in the past and we can save four lives, four really important lives… you can’t tell me you think that’s worth nothing, he was your friend!” she snapped.

“Yes, he was, and don’t you think I would LIKE to save him? But who knows what could happen, what if he survived, and without you at the SGC, Earth falls to the Lucian Alliance? Did you think of that? “

“I’m not important! I don’t fight anyone or stop any aliens from taking over Earth, I manage to find aliens that want to take over the universe but I don’t stop anything! If he hadn’t died, he’d probably be at the SGC doing a hell of a lot better job than I do.”

“Do you think your dad would want to break regulations, no matter what the cost?” he asked, looking to her. “Or uphold the mission no matter the personal feelings?”

Maddy scoffed, shaking her head. “For his life? Absolutely not, he would have laid his life down for any mission.. But Mom and Tony? You know as well as I do regulations would have been damned if it meant he could save any of us.”

“Are you so certain?” he said, shaking his head.

“Yes, if he lost all of us and he could fix it, he would,” she nodded. She had spent her whole childhood with kidnapping contingency plans and drills so they would know what to do if someone came after him through them. But he always promised, even if her and Tony didn’t get away, he’d come for them.

Mike sighed, and turned away for a moment, trying to collect his thoughts. She had no clue what her dad had done in the name of a mission, including making the terribly hard decisions of destroying homes that had civilians in them, as 15 terrorists were located there.

The warehouse lapsed into silence. This was more emotions than she was used to processing. She had a chance to fix her mistake, to make sure they did not come visit that night. She could not just watch it go by without trying. But it was breaking her heart that Mike was against her. They were supposed to have each other's back. He was the one who always understood, why couldn't he now? “Please let me try Mike… I don't want to stay like this. Let me give that little girl a chance to stay happy and carefree, not damaged and angry all the time. She deserves better than that, they all deserve better than that. Even if he still dies it can't be as stupid and pointless of a death as it was,” she said, her voice cracking with pain.

Mike sighed, and shook his head. He knew what she wanted to do, but he also knew it was against every protocol established. “I know what you want, but what about the planet? Have you heard of the butterfly effect?” Mike asked.

“Chaos theory and all that, yes,” Maddy sighed. “You’ve already tried the “I'm indispensable to the program” and we both know that's not true,” she shook her head. “Dad would be where I am and be much better at it.”

“I know what happened was horrible, and you’ve let it define who you were for a long, long time,” he said to her softly. “You could fix that girl, and maybe be what you wanted… or think it’s what you want. But, what about who you are now? Everything you have, everything you’ve done, where it is you’ve been, would be no more,” he said to her.

“You say that like it’s a bad thing,” Maddy said quietly, her voice fluctuating as she let herself think about what he had said. “Every time I think I’m over it, every time I think I’ve moved on, something happens that sends me right back. And now the fates have literally sent me back and you want me to ignore it… for what? For Scott? He remembers that little girl… sometimes I think he still thinks she’s in here somewhere and he’s trying to find her but she’s not. Even you remember that little girl, it’s still how you see me, as Troy’s baby girl, and don’t you dare lie to me. The only person who tolerates who I am now is Kim.. and even we’re not on great terms,” Maddy sighed softly, glancing from him to her hands, wearily keeping an eye on him to be sure he wasn’t going to attack while she was down. She blew out a forceful breath, steeled herself up again and looked straight at him. “So, I ask again, for what? Give me one reason that’s not the standard line of you’ll change the future, cause that is the point here Mike.”



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