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Time is a River

Posted on Mon Apr 9th, 2018 @ 9:04pm by Ensign Madison "Maddy" Chapman

Mission: Blast to the Past
Location: Earth
Timeline: almost 30 years ago

Time is a River
By Ens Maddy Chapman and Adm Mike Fischer
Earth, early 1990s

They approached a building, and Mike looked around. It had pretty basic security, as every place was still overflowing with excess supplies from Desert Storm 10 months previous. Looking around, he pulled out his wallet and used a credit card to pop the handle lock. He motioned her inside, and moved in as well before silently shutting the door. “Let’s find some uniforms for this era, try to find working uniforms, that will allow us to move our rank pins over very easily,” he said to her.

“Yeah,” she said, moving away from him to examine the contents of the building. He was wanting to give them free movement around the base, which meant the uniforms had to fit right. That might be a problem. She tried to focus on the task but her mind was elsewhere.

Mike looked around, and found some Khaki working uniforms. Pulling down the crate, he looked at the label. “Womens,” he said. “Maddy, over here, found some that might work for you,” he told her.

“Great,” Maddy said, moving over towards Mike. “What do you want to do with these?” she asked undoing and removing her shirt as she walked towards him.

“Well, make sure one of these are your size first,” he said, looking at her for a moment. She certainly did not waste any time. “Then we’ll find a way to burn or incinerate them,” he added. “We have about 10 hours before they start moving anything. I know they’ll have search parties out looking for us, but luckily, no one will look in these buildings. They’ll figure we escaped at that point.”

“You hope, they’ll be on the lookout for an Admiral/Ensign combo though,” she said, looking through the shirts to find one her size.

“Good observation..” he said, thinking for a moment. “Switch ranks then, I’m sure there are some rank pins around here,” Mike said.

“Fine but I get to outrank you this time,” Maddy quipped, finding a shirt to put on before rummaging to find the right sized pants.

“Fine,” he said with a chuckle, finding the male uniforms and putting on the set. Walking around, he looked for any boxes that might contain rank pins. “Can you see anything?” he asked.

Maddy had slipped the old pants off and put new pants on and was searching other containers. She put a notepad and pencil into her pocket along with the glove that had been in her other pants pocket. “Not yet,” she shrugged.

“Ok, we’ll need to keep an eye out for jackets as well,” he told her, looking around. You could definitely tell this was surplus, it was just thrown in here with no organization. “War surplus, always fun to rummage through,” he said sarcastically.

Maddy didn't respond, she was only half listening to Mike. She was still trying to figure out the best way to warn him. She desperately wanted to do it in person, but if it worked then he'd be there if they made it back. But if it didn't… she had a chance now to talk to him again, should she risk blowing that?

“Maddy?” Mike asked, seeing her kind of lost in thought. “What are you thinking?”

She looked over at Mike when he said her name. “Nothing,” she shook her head. She needed a solid plan before she told him. “Still no rank pins, jackets, or rations.”

“I’m sure they’re here,” he said. “And you are getting very lost in thought, what’s going on?”

“Oh here I thought when I became an officer I was allowed to think again,” she said sarcastically. She did not need him in her head right now. He had cut her off earlier, she was not sure she could count on him.

“Funny..” he said, knowing she was being sarcastic. “We have to remain focused on not polluting the past and returning home,” Mike told her.

“We've been in the past before, it took the entire science contingent to plot when and how to make the gate work so yeah keep your pipe dream of getting back,” Maddy rolled her eyes moving farther from him while looking at crates.

“Even if we’re stuck here, we can NOT pollute the timeline,” he said, wanting to really drive home that point to her. He had a feeling she was scheming something, she almost revealed who she was just a bit ago.

“Why not? We can fix it, and if we do we don't get stuck here,” she snapped at him. He wanted to have a throw down here fine. She kept moving to keep distance between them. “That's probably your best chance because I sure as hell don't know how to track solar flares and didn't you say they move the gate in 10 hours, think you can do the math that quickly?!”

Mike sighed, knowing what she meant by fixing it. “Look, there is no ‘fixing’ to a timeline, there are many many versions of universes, this is one of them. By fixing it, you create a new branch, creating a new universe that has implications for the one WE know. Time is linear, what has happened, will happen. Even if you fix it here and now, what’s to say 3 years later it still doesn’t occur, because it might, as time attempts to correct itself. THIS is why when people come to the SGC, they are briefed on timeline pollution and multiple universes. Things have to happen in this way,” he said, trying to explain everything that had occurred from older Stargate missions and what had been learned.

Maddy shook her head. He wanted to be the Admiral right now, spouting the standard line of official crap. “If we're stuck here, you'll have to kill me to keep me from trying,” she said simply, without looking at him.

“Yes, and perhaps your meddling is what caused the problems, or made it worse,” he said simply, waiting for a response.

“Then I’m predestined to try and you shouldn’t stop me,” Maddy replied. She knew there was no way to guarantee she could fix it, but if she did nothing there was no hope. She would
be stuck like this forever. She had to try.

“That’s my point, why do anything… it will occur and may be worse. Don’t you think anyone who went back in time would want to change something? But we can’t. It’ll potentially screw up everything. You can shut me out and be pissed at me, but you know what I’m saying to be true.”

“Actually, no, I do not think what you are saying is true,” she shrugged. There was no point in arguing it with him. “I’m going to try, period.”

“You know I can’t let you. It not only breaks every policy and regulation but it’s morally unethical. Think about it for half a second and stop thinking about what you want to do,” he said getting frustrated with her. He knew what she meant and what she felt, but the ethical ramifications were beyond comprehension.

“This should be fun then,” Maddy said, she was already several rows of supplies away and had continued angling herself away from him as she searched. If there was a chance, no matter how small, she would never forgive herself for not trying. As he said sometimes the universe tried to correct itself, this could be the way.


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