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Wibbly Wobbley Timey Wimey

Posted on Mon Mar 5th, 2018 @ 9:05pm by Ensign Madison "Maddy" Chapman

Mission: Blast to the Past
Location: Earth
Timeline: almost 30 years ago

Wibbley Wobbly Timey Wimey
By Ens Maddy Chapman and Rear Admiral Mike Fischer
Earth, early 1990s

Troy Chapman keyed up his radio to call his rookie partner. “Spook, get your ass in here we’ve got two prisoners to deal with.”

Maddy’s eyes widened as she looked at Mike again. He was here… his younger self at least. They must have traveled back in time. But when exactly? She had been 11 to almost 13 when Mike was on the team, which would make it ‘91 to ‘93. “Hammer,” she said cautiously. “We need your help.. It’s complicated and you’re not going to believe this but please trust me.. I know you and ..”

Mike quickly looked to her and said “Ensign, that’s quite enough.” She had almost said too much, and may have before he could cut her off.

“Sir,” Maddy pleaded with her tone. If she told him, he would help them, she knew he would.

“How do you know me.. someone tell me what the hell is going on!” Troy snapped, where was that damn rookie.

The split second distraction was all Mike needed. He quickly moved in and delivered a disabling blow to Troy, knocking him out cold. It was weird doing that to someone who had been his mentor, but they could not sit here all day and risk capture at this point, nor taint the timeline. “Rule number one, you can’t tell the future, and you can’t reveal who we are unless dire circumstances,” he said to Maddy.

“Is this real?!” Maddy asked, eyes wide when Mike took out her Dad.. that was her Dad. None of this could actually be happening. She took a quick breath to steady herself. “He called you on the radio, which means you are going to be here any second.. what do you want to do now Sir,” she emphasized the sir to let him know she was still not happy.

“You’ll have to take me out. We can’t risk polluting this timeline, who knows what effect that could have,” Mike said, trying to emphasize what was at stake if she said too much or they were captured. “Once they’re out, we’ll need to figure out a way to get home, and what exactly happened,” he said, trying to think. “And I do somewhat remember getting my head hit around this time frame and ending up in medical,” he added. “I can’t recall everything, obviously.”

“Because​ you're old or I hit hard?” Maddy asked moving over to the door. Mike's tone and demeanour had shifted her brain into full work mode, ignoring all other swirling thoughts and feelings for the moment. She closed her eyes and listened. It did not take long for the door to open and Mike's almost 30 year younger counterpart to walk in, weapon at the ready. God this was freaky. Maddy gave him half a step before she struck his knee to send him down and rammed her elbow into the back of his head to keep him down. “I'm never leaving the planet without a Zat again,” she said looking at Mike. “Do we arm ourselves?” she asked looking at young Mike's sidearm.

Mike shook his head. “Can’t risk messing up or killing someone,” he said to Maddy. “Best to knock out people for now,” he added, approving of her handy work. “For now we go nearby and lay low.”

“Fine,” she said, smoothing out her uniform. “After you Admiral,” she said, figuring they were on a base of some sort she might as well pretend to be his aide… at least in public.

He looked at Maddy, and shook his head. “Now’s not the time, we need to be extremely careful,” he said to her. “Let’s go,” he added, stepping outside and looking around. They were in DC, he knew that much, and soon the cargo would be moved. They had to get back before then, or somehow follow it to Colorado Springs. “This way,” he said to her, moving along. “Keep low.”

Maddy rolled her eyes, she was not a child. She hesitated following him outside, looking over to where her dad would be. Wherever they were, he was alive… she sucked in a sharp breath.. WHENever they were, he was alive! She could fix everything.

“Maddy,” Mike said after a moment, a sharpness to his voice even though it was quiet. “Let’s GO,” he said, seeing where she was looking. “We need to figure out how we got here, and how to get back, and we can’t do that standing around in a highly restricted area!”

She looked over at Mike and nodded, walking out into the cool day. It was chilly and she could see her breath. They had arrived in winter, her least favorite season. It would figure. “Where do you want to go? We’re obviously on a base, and while we might be able to get off the base, no way we get back on without identification,” she said quietly.

“No, we can’t, so we will have to hunker in place. Luckily, most bases have places that are rarely used,” he said with a slight smile. “This one is no exception, this way,” he said. They were heading for one of the many storage buildings that were located on base. Their uniforms, while regulation 20 some odd years from now, made them stick out like a sore thumb. They needed to find some of the uniform supplies and get in there.

Maddy followed him silently, her mind racing with the implications of this entire ordeal. All she had to do was find a way to either get them not to visit her that night or take a different route home. The trick would be how to convince him not to shoot her on sight.


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