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Think Fourth Dimensionally

Posted on Mon Feb 5th, 2018 @ 10:33pm by Ensign Madison "Maddy" Chapman

Mission: Blast to the Past
Location: Earth
Timeline: Good question....

"Think Fourth Dimensionally"
Ens Maddy Chapman & Rear Adm Mike Fisher

Her head was pounding. It had been a very long time since the Gate had ejected her so unceremoniously, especially considering she had walked in! Pressing up from her face down crash, her brow dropped deeply, this was not the Gate room. She was surrounded by crates. Mike… where was Mike? She had been half a step ahead of him. Putting her hand on a crate she pulled herself upright. She was about to call out for him when she heard the distinctive clack of an M14 getting ready to fire.

“Freeze! Hands up, now!” A voice barked at her from behind. Her heart dropped immediately to her stomach and she lost the ability to breath. She knew that voice, but it was impossible, it could not be…. “Hands up, I will not say it again!!”

“Dad,” she whispered barely audible, raising her trembling hands. “How…”

“Interlock your hands behind your head and turn around slowly,” Troy Chapman ordered.

Her mind was racing, this was impossible… it could not be happening. Maddy was equally torn between spinning around to see him and refusing to look at him to resist that it was happening. She knew that tone of voice, it was a step beyond the ‘you better listen to me missy’ tone he used with her when she was way out of line. He was serious, deadly serious. She laced her fingers together behind her head taking a deep breath as she slowly turned around. Tears were already brimming in her eyes at the prospect of seeing her Dad again, though he was going to be pointing a weapon at her so that dampened her enthusiasm slightly. Regardless, it was clearly his voice.. how he was alive she did not know or really care at this point. She gasped involuntarily as she saw him standing a few yards away looking at her down the sight of his rifle. How badly she wanted to run over and hug him but she knew he would shoot her without hesitation. He did not know who she was.

“Who are you?! How did you get here?!” Troy demanded. She did not know how to answer that in a way that would not get her shot. There were so many things she wanted to say. Was this real? A dream? Where was she? When was she? Would he believe her if she told him who she was? Would he hug her again? Could she feel safe in Dad's arms once again?

“Answer my question!!” his bark broke her out of her thoughts.

Mike slowly stirred, waking up from the shouting. He had bashed his head on a crate having been thrown from the Stargate. He took half a moment, hoping the world would stop spinning for just a moment, and slowly got to his feet, his 2 stars on his uniform indicating the Admiral Rank. “Hold on there,” he said, realizing who it was. Wow, we got shot back in time, Fischer immediately thought. That was Maddy’s father pointing a weapon at her. This was not good.. Not good at all.

Troy Chapman shifted his gaze and weapon to left and the new arrival, where were these people coming from? He had already decided the woman was not a threat. “This is a restricted area! Identify yourself,” he snapped, the stars not escaping his notice but there were not supposed to be any brass in here.

~This should be good~ Maddy thought, looking towards Mike. He looked a little rough, the Gate must have spit him out too. What was happening here? Were the other team members here too?

“Well.. hard to believe but.. we were ordered here by Joint Chiefs to do a surprise inspection of the cargo and security surrounding its movement to NORAD,” he explained, hoping to throw off Troy.

“Identify yourself,” Troy repeated not buying that explanation for a second. “I will not ask again!”

Maddy looked at Mike. “Let me tell him,” she mouthed.

Mike shook his head. “Look, these stars say you listen to me, plain and simple. Otherwise Lieutenant Commander Chapman, if you continue on I’ll have to let Captain Hasman know you disobeyed a direct order,” he said, taking on more of the persona of being in charge.

He paused looking at the Admiral for a moment. How did the other man know his name, and the name of his commander. “What’s the day’s password… sir,” Troy asked still unconvinced of Mike’s sincerity. There was no word of an Admiral coming down. And he and whoever that young woman was suddenly appeared in a secured warehouse that he and his partner had been watching for the last half a day. A crash, a quake, and now two people magically behind their lines.. No he was not buying this.

Maddy closed her eyes and let out a slow breath. Great, a password, oh they were screwed. She took a step forward.

“Don’t move,” Troy snapped at her without looking over. Maddy froze in place, mostly out of habit.

“Password of the day is “gate”” he said, vaguely remembering this escort mission.

“Wrong.. Sorry Admiral, hands up,” Troy said. That had been the previous day’s password, obviously this man was an imposter working on outdated intel.


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