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What's This, What's This?

Posted on Thu Jan 11th, 2018 @ 11:44pm by Corporal Inola MacKenna

Mission: Ruins

Cpl. Inola MacKenna
SDS Admin. Assistant

Inola looked around, she wasn’t sure what she was supposed to be doing, her training was mostly war related, she wasn’t a scientist. That being said she did notice a few things as she explored, things that she used her experience to try and gain some incites. The ruins seemed to span far enough to guess this used to be a city, she guessed somewhere in the thousands of people for population.

What she did know was destruction. She looked at one of the closer buildings and studied the collapsed wall. There was no signs of damage, not stone, or explosive, or pressure waves, nothing she knew of. It looked like the area had just been abandoned.

She heard John Doe say something behind them. She turned and smiled, then tossed him a video camera she’d collected, “Here, I’m sure someone will want a video recording of what we’re finding.” She looked around and spotted faint outlines of writing on a building, “Make sure to get details.” She said and started walking towards something.

The more she started spotting details, the more she was getting into the spirit. She ran her gloved hand over the letters that had been carved into something that looked like Marble. She couldn’t make out the word, it was badly faded, as if it had been exposed to the elements for a long time, decades, centuries, millennia, Inola couldn’t say, but the letters looked Greek. Not that she could speak, read, or write Greek, but she knew a lot of the lettering from College. She turned and looked at Lizzy, working for a moment to remember her name, “Rosetti, I found something you might be interested in.” she called towards the teams Linguist.




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