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Purple Aliens?

Posted on Thu Jan 4th, 2018 @ 11:26pm by Ensign Anna Chambers

Mission: Ruins

Ensign Anna Chambers
Engineering Specialist

The gate shimmered silently in front of her. The pool held no reflection as is formed and held, the team making their way through the gate one by one. As if by instinct, Anna held her breath, stepping through the event horizon to the other side. She knew it wasn’t water and that she wasn’t going to drown but couldn’t quite make that disconnect with her base senses. The journey was instantaneous, her body shuddered slightly as she appeared on the other side of the wormhole as is adjusted to the sudden temperature and air change, she stumbled slightly on the solid stones underfoot and quickly worked to catch her balance.

The first thing that struck Anna was the vibrant landscape they had stepped out into, the luscious green trees and grass that rustled gently with the light breeze that whipped at them atop the hill. The sounds of wildlife filled the as insects went about their business around them. The area they were stood in was clearly old and well used once. Anna stepped down from the gate, almost in awe, as the Colonel began issuing his orders and moved the majority of the team out from the gate. A slight complaint crossed Anna’s mind, she wanted to catch her bearings and explore this land rather than get on with the job but she knew better than to argue. She checked her gear and followed the majority of the group down the winding path that took them from the gate. Anna gripped her P90 in her hands but held it downwards, at ease while they walked. She had read a lot of information and literature on base that was meant to prepare them for their first trip but she had assumed a lot of that was simple, boiler plate writing that was meant to simply put things at ease and yet, as the teams footsteps forged a small pathway through the grass she came to realise that it was all correct. She hadn’t even thought that an alien land could remotely look like home. She expected purple aliens and non-breathable atmospheres like the movies and that the induction to the SGC had been about settling people’s nerves.

The trees climbing above them with the canopy provided moderate cover from the sun. Anna felt sweat build up the back of her neck as the humidity rose the further down the path they walked. Anna held fast while the perimeter sweep had been done, she dropped to her right knee and started to grab some of her gear ready for work. She powered up the tablet she brought with her and swiped across to the topographical data screen to ensure she was synced with the team and the location of the Stargate was marked and relative to where they were. With the few moments before the sweep was finished she looked back where they had come, trying to find markers she could find in an emergency should she need to retreat to the Stargate fast. Anna slung her camera strap over her head and through her right arm as if it was a second weapon and carried her tablet under her arm. She rolled her P90 under her left arm to free herself up to move around and rolled her ankles in a circular motion on the spot impatiently.

“Sir,” Anna stepped forward, to stand next to the Colonel, shuffling with her gear. “The quicker we can get in and get started the quicker we can all be home for some cocoa. If I may?” He waived to the ruins in front of them. They stood on the edge of the ruins and, although the ground was still covered in grass remnants of the structures spread much further than she thought they would have from simple decay.


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