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Stranger in a Strange Land

Posted on Fri Jan 5th, 2018 @ 4:08pm by Civilian John Doe
Edited on on Fri Jan 5th, 2018 @ 4:09pm

Mission: Ruins
Location: Ruins - Planetside
Timeline: Ruins Mission Start

John Doe

Fear was evident on John's face as he held the straps of his pack and stepped forward towards the StarGate, the ebbing light like a floating ocean of dazzled whites and blues; it was as if he were underwater staring up at the sun through the ripples. More than half of him wanted to shake away, not enage, not step into the unknown and that part of him made him visibly wince. But he grit his teeth and stepped in.

A consciousness isn't of a physicality to the speed of which he felt himself travel. John didn't know if he was kicking and fighting, or moving at all. All he knew was speed, movement, light, peppered with sound and stars that swept through like a dancing waltz of madness that he could not hide from. He didn't feel as if he were tumbling, but rather taking presidence towards an objective, a location that came to him in a resonating boom that, when he felt himself physically form on the, "other side," he lost step and tumbled.

The worn grass pathway that served to remind a well worn path around the gate was a landing point for John as he crinkled his hands deep in the dirt. "Hellfire," he muttered, his breath kicking dirt and blowing blades of thick grass. He felt bruising begin to spread across his knees, felt the heat crimson as he scrambled to his feet silently thanking himself that he had packed light and giving a nervous smirk at those that noticed his misstep. Recognizing himself as a stranger in a strange land, John eventually let himself take in the surroundings.

It looked like home. Well, Earth, considering. Lush green grass swept over the hilltop where the gate and the team had arrive, a forest thick met their trek as the team meandered down deeper into the jungle. Everyone seemed to be involved in projects, others allocated to tasks afforded to their specialities. Meanwhile, John felt like the odd man out, the fifth wheel in an otherwise four wheel vehicle. He didn't know if he was allowed to wander, Dragon 5, as the Team Leader addressed him as, was always not too far away. Nothing really struck John as being familiar, no trips within his active memory and not even really anything perceptively passive. He was dulled to any notions of remembrance even though his endeavours were pure.

He didn't stray too far, thinking if something did happen to him it was best to be in ear shot while the team investigated the ruins. John didn't really have a handle on what they were doing here other than cataloging, data collecting, and possible something else under the hood. Even their procedures and actions, the equipment that they used didn't supply him with anything. It was all just vague obscurity that he was getting a bit tired of dwelling in. He sighed openly shaking his head.

"Kind of feeling like the fifth wheel here," he broke in offer to the collected team, "anything I can do to help?"



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