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Posted on Sat Dec 30th, 2017 @ 6:08pm by Corporal Inola MacKenna

Mission: Ruins

Cpl. Inola MacKenna
SDS Admin Assistant

Inola walked up to the Stargate following the Colonel. She paused and reached out to touch it haven’t never seen anything quite like it. He brain was considering a number of things she’d like to try when a hand pushed her form behind and she suddenly found herself being whisked away to some unknown location.


She said as both her and the Colonel were suddenly in this new location. She was pulled out of the way as more of the team appeared from the wormhole. She watched on as the team started doing their thing. She decided her time was better spent assisting the science teams, so she walked over to the MALPs and helped them check the gear and ensure it was all still in good shape and ready to move.

The team finished their sweep and started towards the ruins. It didn’t take them long and soon she was looking them over. The security guys did their thing to ensure the perimeter was clear while the science types got to work checking out the ruins, Inola stayed out of the way till she was asked for help.



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