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Getting On the Road

Posted on Fri Dec 29th, 2017 @ 11:20pm by Colonel Jordon Mason Jr.

Mission: Ruins

Col. Jordon Mason
SDS Security Liaison

Jordon looked around as the last of the team arrived. Everyone kind of milled around not entirely sure what to do. He looked up to the control room, and gave the universal sign for let’s go, his gloved index finger making a few circles in the air. Almost before the announcement the gate started spinning. He’d only done this once before, so he’d still have to rely on those in the control room to know if things were going right. That being said, he’d been reading up and knew to avoid the wormhole when it formed.

He let out a sharp whistle grabbing his security team’s attention. “I got point, you guys give me a 3 count and follow. MacKenna, you’re with me.” He said mostly wanting to be able to keep an eye on her.” It took awhile longer, but finally the seventh chevron was locked in place and the gate opened. He walked up the ramp to the gate with MacKenna beside him. She hesitated, like most do. Jordon shook his head and gave her a shove, then followed right behind her.

The trip was almost instantaneous, he was tossed out the other end. He grabbed MacKenna and moved her aside, 3 seconds later the rest of the team started to materialize. He’d already started scanning the area. It was still. He switched to thermal and made another pass. Nothing. Clean. A few moments later the rest of the team came through along with the equipment. “Dragon 3 and 4, help the team with the equipment, the rest of you, set a perimeter and make a sweep, report anything out of the ordinary.” He paused alien world, everything is out of the ordinary. “Report anything that seems significant.” He corrected.

He pulled out his tablet and accessed what topographical data they had. It wasn’t much, but he set a nav marker on the gate, and on the ruins. Finally, with that done, he took a moment to let his environment sink in. He let the sounds of the team moving around fade away, and instead took in the sounds of nature. A breeze rustling the surrounding trees, there was wildlife, insects mostly. But he could hear a few grunts of something in the distance. It amazed him how two completely alien planets, when the environment was taken in, could have easily been Earth.

They were on the top of a hill, his surrounds suggested that at one point, the Stargate had been the center of some kind of religious ceremony or something, but the decay ornate decorative stones around them told him that hadn’t been the case for a while. The ruins were just over a click from their current position. About then his team reported in. All clear.

“Good, Dragon 5 your on John Doe here.” He said knowing they’d want eyes on him at all times. Not just incase he went bad, but incase some sparked memory caused him to break down. “The rest of you, do what you can to help, but keep your eyes open.”

Jordon kept his distance and continued watching their surrounds. He’d been told nothing was expected to happen, but he’d also learned that was rarely the case. They worked their way down a path, which probably used to pass for a road. What he would think of as a light rain forest surrounded them. Trees with vines growing up and around them lined the path, and reduced visibility around them. It’d make stocking them much easier as well. The humidity was about what you’d expect, and the sun seemed to be sitting slightly off of dead above them, so he estimated mid-day. They’d been walking about 15 minutes when the ruins came into sight.

Jordon motioned for his team to again do a perimeter sweep, which again came back as clear. Guess that meant it was time for the real work to begin.



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