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New to the Class

Posted on Fri Dec 22nd, 2017 @ 4:23pm by Civilian John Doe

Mission: Ruins
Location: Gateroom
Timeline: Damn near Mission Go Time

John Doe

Off the heels of his encounter with the Admiral, John had serviced himself with some gear. Though, he wasn't outfitted for anything special, rations, water, something that was akin to a whistle transponder that would call out his location should he get lost or seperate, it was all extremely light and he figured he'd not need most if anything from it. There were MPs filing him, they helped in assessing what he had and hadn't had access to. He didn't even mind not being able to field anything from the armory; too worried on what holding a firearm might bring screaming from his subconscious. In seperation of what he deemed his muscle memory working into it's passive state, John locked up and placed on the half pack just about as methodically and correctly as any grunt seasoned. Another memory that proved helpful.

"How do I look," he passed as his arms went wide and he spun for the MPs to see. "I think it's my first time, but I'm not too sure."

"Doesn't look like it's the first pack you've slung."

There wasn't time to go over the finer points of the statement as John was already a bit behind. He hussled out, finding footfalls of his boots echoing all the way until he came to what everyone refered to as the Gate Room. This place, of course, he had been before, but the aforementioned gate wasn't on, it's center not filled with the blue glow of shimmered blue.

There were quite the collection of personnel, daunting as it was none seemed to notice is approach but a few. John felt like it was his first day at school and he was already late to class. He sucked in his lower lip and merged with the congregation.


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