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Ready to Go

Posted on Thu Aug 17th, 2017 @ 6:48pm by Major Kimberly Spears

Mission: Stargate Command
Location: SGC Briefing Room

Maj Kim Spears
Chief Medical Officer


Kim listened to the briefing. Fischer was right, this was different than they were used to. A medical emergency sounded urgent, especially if they were asking for help from Earth. Looking at the briefing material, she glanced through what information they had to go on. Infectious diseases were tricky to pinpoint, and it was never certain that they couldn't be infected, even if it didn't seem likely.

"I've go no questions Admiral." She said, glancing to Maddy and Rosetti. Their mission was fairly straight forward from a logistical point. "We'll gear up and be ready to go in about fifteen after we're dismissed." She said to the other two ladies.



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