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Posted on Tue Jan 23rd, 2018 @ 10:52pm by Ensign Madison "Maddy" Chapman

By Maddy Chapman, Scott Mortimer, Kim Spears, and Kevin Spears

The tires squealed as she pushed her Corvette around the corner. “Easy Maddy,” Scott said, his foot pressing against the imaginary break on his side, his hand holding on to the door and his eyes wide. She only drove like this when she was upset… or when she was mad at him. Right now he was not certain which one it was. He had offered to let her drive to the restaurant as a peace offering but maybe she was still upset he insisted they go out to dinner.

Maddy smirked, knowing how much he hated when she drove like this. What he could not accept was that she was in perfect control. This was not even close to testing her limits. They were getting closer to downtown Colorado Springs and she did not want to hit any morons that might not be paying attention so she unfortunately started to slow down. It took her a few minutes to find a place to park. “Fine we’re here,” she smirked at Scott.

“You enjoyed that,” he glared slightly at her.

“Maybe,” she shrugged, pushing the button to raise the roof on her convertible. Climbing out she walked next to Scott a few blocks to the restaurant. It was packed, as usual, downtown. This was not one of her favorite places, but at least it was usually quieter than some of the other restaurants and they had a nice cocktail collection. She followed Scott into Four. The crowd was a little high for a Thursday night and she shot him a glare.

“Don’t worry I got your favorite table,” he chuckled, leading them to the back corner by the bar. “Next to me or across?”

“Um across,” Maddy replied, taking a seat. Scott sat down on the other side of the table for four. Maddy picked up the drinks menu and started looking at it.

Kevin rubbed Kim’s hand as they walked down the street towards Four. “You look really pretty tonight,” he smiled.

“Thanks.You look pretty dapper yourself.” Kim replied, returning his smile as she swept her hair out of her face with her free hand. She hadn’t expected him to request a dinner date, but it was a nice surprise. “The nice weather is really drawing a crowd tonight isn’t it.” She commented as they neared the restaurant and she scooted closer to Kevin to avoid a collision with another couple walking the opposite way that were too enamored with their conversation to pay attention to where they were going.

“It’s always like this when things start warming up,” Kevin chuckled. “We hardly take time to go out on the town, and the ability to do that is about to increase in difficulty.” He opened the door for her thinking for a moment about his statement. Without any family close they were going to have a hard time with getting out at all once the baby came.

Kim nodded in agreement as they entered Four. Having date nights and such was going to be pretty sparse, as she knew for a fact Maddy would not be agreeable to babysitting duty. Maybe Scott, if Maddy was away, he had a soft spot for kids. But his schedule was as unpredictable as Maddy’s for being home usually. Looking around, she was surprised to find it as crowded as it was for a Thursday. Usually this place wasn’t hopping until the weekend. “Looks like we’re gonna have a bit of a wait.” She said to Kevin. “Should we pick somewhere else?”

“Nah it’ll be fine, give me a moment I’ll talk to the hostess,” Kevin said. He walked over to the hostess. He spoke to her quietly for a while.

“Come with me,” she smiled at Kevin and Kim. She led them to the back. “Would you mind sharing?” she smiled at the other couple sitting at four top.

“Of course not,” Scott quickly said while Maddy stared at him with surprise and annoyance. Why would he ever expect her to be social?

The hostess looked back at Kevin and Kim. “Here we go,” she pointed to Scott and Maddy’s table.

Confusion and surprise crossed Kim’s face as her eyes settled on who’s table they were being directed to. The last thing she wanted to do was crash Scott and Maddy’s dinner. “I really don’t mind going somewhere else.” She said softly to Kevin before giving Maddy an apologetic smile and shrug.

“Nonsense grab a seat,” Scott beamed with a glint in his eye. Maddy kicked him under the table, he had set her up. “You look lovely Kim, it's true what they say about the pregnancy glow.”

“Thank you. The glow balances the morning sickness.” Kim said with a polite smile, hesitating for a moment before taking a seat next to Maddy at the table, not wanting to make this a bigger deal. Surely Kevin wouldn’t have set this up without telling her so she could emphatically say why forcing Maddy to hang out with them when she didn’t want to was a horrible idea.

“I hear that can be pretty tough,” Scott nodded. “Hopefully the food won’t upset the tummy?”

Maddy pasted a smile onto her face. Why would Scott do this? He knew she was not ready to deal with this.

“I should be fine,” answered Kim as she looked to Kevin, her eyes narrowing as she tried to discern how much he was in on this. “How have you all been?” She asked glancing ever so briefly to Maddy before looking to Scott, hoping to steer the conversation away from her pregnancy and back into safer waters.

“It's been pretty low key,” Scott said nudging Maddy under the table. “Been able to stay here which has been nice. How about you Kim?”

Kim shrugged as she tried to not glare at Kevin. “I guess the same, pretty low key,” she replied. This seriously could not be any more awkward.

Scott's phone rang and he looked at it, “Oh excuse me I need to take this be right back,” he stood up and headed for the front door.

A few breaths later and Kevin's phone rang. “Oh that's Fi, sorry ladies,” he smiled and followed Scott.

Maddy's eyes narrowed. They were in cahoots with each other. “Which one dies first?” she asked Kim.

“Same time. Between the two of us and our smarts I bet we could stage a really convincing accident scene.” Kim said, her glare tracking Kevin as he left the area.

“It wouldn't be misappropriation to just beam them into space would it?” Maddy asked actually cracking a small smirk.

“Nah. I think we just have to fill out some forms,” chuckled Kim. “I’m sure our reason is valid.”

“No one would blame us,” Maddy agreed.

Kim nodded as her smile slowly faded. “I can leave as soon as Kevin makes his way back in here, since I have no idea where he disappeared to. I wasn’t keen on crashing your dinner date anyway, even if it hadn’t been a set up. I know how much you hate forced socializing.”

Maddy shrugged, still absently staring at the drink menu. “It’ll make them feel better to think they pulled something sneaky off.”

“I don’t care about them feeling good about this. I care about you, and us, and our friendship that I really don’t want to lose.” Kim said with a small sigh. “You’re my family, and I miss talking to you and hanging out with you. I don’t want you to push me away.”

Maddy pressed her lips together, she had no good response for that. “You have a new family,” Maddy said trying to shrug it off like no big deal.

Kim struggled to keep the hurt look off her face at Maddy’s reply. “It’s not out with the old and in with the new.” She said. “I’m not going to abandon you just because I’m pregnant. I still want you in my life. I need you in my life.”

“Can I get you ladies started with something until the gentlemen arrived?” their waitress came over to the table.

“An old fashion,” Maddy said quickly, glad for the diversion. She did not know how to respond. This was too scary, too new…

“Water please.” Kim said, placing her order, desperately wishing she could have alcohol instead as the silence settled between them. Kevin and or Scott better make their way back sooner rather than later.

Water, she had ordered water. Another reminder that there would be no more drunken nights in the Oasis or game nights or pretty much anything they ever did. Even running would be out for a while. Other than their understanding of each other's jobs, what would they have in common now and in the future? Maddy let out a resigned sigh, Kim may not see it yet but they would drift apart slowly and, for Maddy painfully. Maddy just wanted to rip the band-aid off and be done with it. But that did not appear to be an option. “So.. how are you feeling?” she asked.

“Fine for the most part.” Kim answered with a small shrug, really wanting to change the subject off of her. She glanced towards the door to see if Scott or Kevin either would dare to show their faces back at the table yet. “How’s things been outside of work for you?”

“Eh,” Maddy shrugged. “Same as always. Scott’s been in town for a while.” Maddy wished her drink or her husband would arrive. What was he possible thinking that this was a good idea. “Told your family yet?”

Kim shook her head. “Not yet. Going to wait a bit longer before telling anyone.” She answered as their drinks arrived.

“That’s probably smart,” Maddy replied, immediately taking a long sip of her drink. Scott should have insisted to drive because she would not be allowed to drive back after this.

“Yeah.” Kim agreed with a nod before silence fell between them again. “Oh, I haven't seen you much at work, but there are some shifts available at Peterson if you want some extra hands on time in the ER for when Scott is gone.” She said, trying to keep the awkward silence from growing.

“Oh.. I’m actually going on a mission with Mike in the morning.. Supposed to only take a few days,” Maddy shrugged drinking more.

“Sorry about that Shari had a problem come up with the trip tomorrow,” Scott said returning to the table and sitting across from Maddy again. “Glad to see you two ladies talking again,” he grinned.

Kim managed a half hearted smile in Scott's direction before her eyes cut over to the door, looking for Kevin. “Yeah, just catching up.” She said noncommittally. Her interest was more in Maddy's mission with Mike. “Good luck then tomorrow.” She said to Maddy.

“Thanks,” Maddy nodded. She hoped the waitress came back, she needed another drink.

“I know Kevin can’t wait to bring the little guy home, how are you feeling?” Scott asked.

“Peachy.” Kim answered. “Speaking of my husband, did you see him outside perhaps?”

“Hmm.. no,” Scott shook his head. “He might have went out back where the bathrooms are instead. You guys should come over for game night when Maddy and I get back from our respective trips. Been too long.”

“Sounds good.” Kim nodded. Playing games would be really fun, but she knew better than to get her hopes up, cause it really depended on Maddy. “We will have to set that up.”

“Great,” Scott grinned. “We should all be back by Friday. Are you going with Maddy on this trip Kim?”

“No. I'm staying here.” Kim said, taking a drink of her water. Every minute Kevin was leaving her here alone was irking her.

“Even hundreds of miles away I still have to play referee,” Kevin chuckled taking his seat next to Scott again. “Did I miss anything?”

“No if anything I think we interrupted the girls chat,” Scott grinned.

Maddy was silently counting the number of ways she could kill Scott and no one would notice… and a few ways that would be noticed but satisfying.

Kim narrowed her eyes at Kevin as he sat back down. She was almost positive he was less than innocent in this whole set up. “Hope you managed to solve the problem.” She said, her tone thinly veiled the annoyance in her voice.

“For now, stopgap until Jackson gets back,” he smiled at her, picking up on her tone but choosing to ignore it for the moment.

“I see you got drinks, any ideas on food?” Scott asked, looking at the menu.

“Not yet, for me at least. How about you Maddy?” Kim asked. The fact Kevin was oblivious to, or ignoring her annoyance was only enhancing it. They seemed so pleased with themselves, and Kim felt Maddy pulling away more because she couldn't help herself in trying to patch things up between them.

“Um, I was thinking the caramelized brussels and the salmon,” Maddy replied breaking away from her fantasies of killing Scott.

“I guess the juniper lemon chicken doesn't sound bad.” Kim said, leveling a polite, yet annoyed gaze at Kevin across the table.

“How's work going Maddy? Kim says she hasn't seen you much,” Kevin asked.

“It's fine,” Maddy pressed her lips together. “We work in different sections with her current grounded status.”

Barely refraining from kicking him under the table, Kim’s annoyed look flashed to anger. He was pushing beyond annoying. “We should call the waitress over so we can order. I'm assuming you two have had enough time to figure out what you want to eat.”

“Sure,” Scott nodded as he waved her over.

Kevin gave Kim a curious what did I do expression.

Kim rolled her eyes at Kevin as he looked at her. Later she was positive they'd be discussing why this had been such a bad idea. At this point she wanted to just leave and avoid making things any worse between her and Maddy, but that would be rude. “I need to use the restroom. Can you order for me please?” She asked as she stood up.

“Sure,” Kevin nodded watching her walk away.

“Don't girls always potty together Maddy?” Scott asked.

Maddy's eyes narrowed. “I know what you're doing Scott and neither of us appreciate it. And you're not innocent either,” she pointed her finger at Kevin. “The two of you are not matchmakers and Kim and I are not a couple. So shut your mouths and stop trying to force your wills!” she snapped, keeping her voice low but her tone full of rebuke.

Scott and Kevin shared a look. It was too early to tell if their plan was working. Neither of them thought it would immediately take at dinner, they figured the aftermath would be where the ladies would make up.

Several minutes later, Kim returned to the table and her seat next to Maddy. Her mood had soured, she was more than pissed at both Kevin and Scott for this whole fiasco, and this evening was circling the drain. Silently, she stewed as she waited for their food.

Maddy sighed softly, Scott and Kevin were trying to completely blow things up. If it had been an actual accident and not an obvious set up perhaps it would not have gone so wrong. She had tried to send Kim an olive branch, a let’s forget and move on, but Kim had to make it all mushy and uncomfortable. “Scott, why don’t you tell us about your upcoming trip,” she said. Scott liked to talk, let him talk.

“It’s not that exciting,” he shook his head. “Just a quick trip to Vancouver to meet with some tech heads,” he shrugged. “I’m sure you’re trip would be much more interesting… but of course it’s classified,” he smirked.

Maddy narrowed her eyes at him. “Yes it is, but don’t worry.. I’ll your favorite person watching my back.”

Now it was Scott’s turn to be riled up, his eyes narrowed and he shifted uncomfortably in his seat. Was she really pulling that crap now? Right here in front of everyone? He huffed a puff of air through his nose forcefully.

Maddy smirked back at him, she knew how to push his buttons as well as he knew how to push hers.

Kevin looked between Scott and Maddy, not quite sure what was happening. He looked to Kim to see if she knew.

Kim also glanced between Maddy and Scott, the level of discomfort rising even more at the table. Catching Kevin’s inquisitive look, she only gave him a half shrug. Scott deserved having his buttons pushed, and she wasn’t going to explain things to Kevin right now anyway.

The food arrived, prompting Maddy to look away from Scott. He would get an earful later about all of this, but for right now she was content to let him stew. Since she had no desire to speak to either of the guys right now, her eyes slid over to Kim. It was going to a long meal if they sat in total silence, everyone mad at each other for a variety of reasons. There had to be some safe conversation, but alcohol and work were off the table, which made it difficult. That was their thing. “Can you still run while you’re pregnant? Like competitively, 5, 10ks, half marathons those sort of things,” she blurted out to Kim looking at her curiously. That was something else they had done, though it had died off over the winter months.

“Yeah I can still run. It’s actually good for me to keep running and exercising.” Kim answered with a nod. “I was actually eyeing a 5K here in a few weeks, although I’ve read my times will probably be slower than I’m used to. If you’re back and want to run it with me, that’d be fun.”

“I’d probably have to run backwards so I don’t leave you in the dust,” Maddy smirked. “But we could try it… is it one of those themed 5ks?”

“It’s one of those color runs, so it sounded kind of fun” Kim said with a grin. “Running backwards could be a nice new challenge for you too. Kicking my butt regularly running must be getting boring.”

“It is,” Maddy nodded. “Never tried to run that far backwards…”

“Well, you might want to at least turn around for the color splashing parts, otherwise just your back will be painted.” Chuckled Kim finally relaxing into the conversation as she ate her dinner. “I was thinking of doing the NORAD Trail race too at the end of May, since it’s practically in our backyard at the mountain. I’m wanting to do the half, I don’t think I have a full marathon in me.”

“Let’s start with a 5k and see how do carrying extra weight around,” Maddy replied. She noticed Scott and Kevin looking rather smug. This did not change the fact they were going to die.

“There is a four miler if I'm not up for a half.” Kim nodded, not even bothering to look at Kevin or Scott. She had pretty much decided to ignore them for the rest of the meal. “Dinner is pretty good.”

“Always is here, and unique. They are pretty good with blending weird flavors together,” Maddy chuckled.

“I see this. It's a nice change,” said Kim. “Can't believe I haven't tried here before.”

“I like the back corner, even when it’s busy you don’t feel crowded back here,” Maddy replied, she was glad they had settled into small talk.

“That's nice, since this place seems to be popular, even on a Thursday.” Kim said as she looked around the restaurant before her face lit up. “Oh hey, I almost forgot. Guess what I saw that I think we really really need to have in our collection. A Wormhole X-Treme board game.” She grinned.

“There’s no way that can be good,” Maddy shook her head chuckling.

“Exactly why we need it!” Laughed Kim.

“I don’t know it would require a lot of alcohol…. Oh sorry,” Maddy pressed her lips together.

Kim’s smile faltered slightly as Maddy pressed her lips together. “Then you three can have the alcohol and I’ll enjoy the hormonal roller coaster instead.” She said with a chuckle, hoping to keep the mood light. “What do you think Kev? Sound fun?”

“That show was terrible,” he laughed. He was glad the ladies seemed to be talking again and making plans.

“Fine, boring games it is then.” Kim sighed dramatically, shaking her head in resignation.

“You find our games boring?” Scott asked raising his eyebrow.

“I’m just teasing. Your games aren’t boring.” Kim grinned. “Besides, I finally am good enough at Dominion to actually be a threat to win.”

Maddy scoffed a little. “You're not a threat,” she chuckled.

“Oh I have to disagree. I’m definitely a threat.” Kim smirked at Maddy.

“Would anyone like a dessert?” the waitress asked as she approached their table.

“I’m good.” Kim answered politely, softly shaking her head as she looked to Kevin.

“I think we're good for the check,” Scott smiles.

“How are we doing the checks?”

“All on one, I've got it,” Scott replied.

“Thanks Scott.” Said Kim. “What are you guys up to the rest of the evening?” She asked, making general small talk again as they waited on the check.

“Not much,” Scott replied. “Maybe some Netflix and Chill,” he wiggled his eyebrow. Maddy rolled her eyes at him. “You?” Scott asked.

“Not sure.” Kim shrugged as she looked to Kevin. “Probably relax and such. I do have some journal reading I should catch up on at some point.”

“You need to rest and take it easy,” Kevin said gently.

“I’m pregnant, not broken. I know what I need,” bristled Kim, her frustration at him for his role in setting up the awkward dinner spilling over with his comment.

Kevin looked at her curiously. “I didn't say you were broken… first trimester is exhausting, so I just want to take care of you.”

Maddy closed her eyes, oh good the pregnancy tension was back. Scott took the check from the waitress and handed her his card, this seemed like a good exit point. “If you two want to head home, that's fine, just need to sign and get my card back,” he smiled trying to smooth the tension.

Kim took a deep breath and sighed softly as she exhaled. “Yeah, we should probably head home.” She said with a nod as she looked to Maddy and Scott. “Thanks for paying for dinner. Good luck tomorrow, Maddy.”

“Thanks,” Maddy nodded.

Kevin stood up and offered his hand to Kim.

“Have a good night.” Kim said as she stood and took Kevin's offered hand, interlacing her fingers with his.

Maddy watched as the two of them walked off before turning a steely, angry gaze at Scott. “You are an arsehole.”

“Am not,” he chuckled. Taking the recipe he quickly left a generous tip. “Ready to go home? Netflix and chill?” he grinned.

“The only chill you’ll find tonight is in the fridge,” Maddy said standing up and heading out of the restaurant. She considered jogging to her car and leaving him here. But letting his life flash before his eyes at the speed she was planning on taking the turns would be more satisfying.


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