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Dreary Day

Posted on Sun Jan 14th, 2018 @ 9:26pm by Major Kimberly Spears

Dreary Day
Spears Home
Kim Spears & Kevin Spears
Timeline: A few days after released from quarantine

Though the clouds dropping the cold spring rain hid her view of the Rockies she normally had from her large breakfast nook window, it had melted the last remnants of snow that had been piled up over the season and was a welcome sign that spring had indeed arrived. Scooping the ginger tea bag out of her mug, Kim crossed the kitchen and took up residence in one of the chairs, pulling over a second to prop her feet up on, drawing her knees up toward her. She had barely talked to Maddy at work since she’d saved their lives and she hadn’t seen her outside of work. Her best friend hadn’t avoided her like this since the whole “who she was dating” debacle. While Kim was certain this time the reason for the distance was the pregnancy, she wasn’t exactly sure why, and she wasn’t really able to pin Maddy down to ask. So instead, she brooded in front of the window as she watched the rain drops race each other down the glass pane with a cup of tea.

“Penny for your thoughts,” Kevin said as he swept the hair away from her neck and kissed it tenderly.

Sighing softly, Kim's eyes closed briefly and she momentarily leaned into his touch. “It's a dull and dreary day today.” She answered quietly as her gaze returned to the window, her fingers tightening their grip around the hot mug, warming her hands. “And Maddy is still avoiding me.”

“She’ll come around,” he said, kissing along her neck. “We can go upstairs, I’ll make it less dreary.”

Kim managed half a chuckle. The kisses were somewhat distracting, but she just couldn't get out of her head. He didn't understand Maddy like she did. She was worried that this was the end of their friendship. “Maybe later.” She said, giving him a small smile.

He raised his eyebrow slightly, that was unexpected. “Ok,” he hugged her from behind and kissed the top of her head. “What would you like to do with our dull and dreary day?”

“I don't really know.” She answered as she relaxed against him and sipped at her tea, the ginger helping to keep the nausea she'd experienced earlier at bay. “Be lazy I guess.”

“So just Netflix, since you didn’t want to chill,” he teased.

“I said later.” She retorted with a smirk. “And nothing on Netflix that will make me cry, so good luck.”

“You might as well ask me to fly you to another planet,” he laughed. “I love you very much, but your pregnancy hormones are making you very sensitive.”

“I am just very moved by cartoon bears wiping their butt with soft toilet paper.” Kim replied with a small laugh. “I'm only half responsible for my current emotional state. So if I have to suffer, so do you.”

“Fair enough,” he nodded. “Something that won’t cause tears… hmmm... “ he thought. “Superhero stuff? Dr. Strange is supposed to be good,” he suggested.

“Sure. Sounds fine.” She agreed with a slight shrug.

Kevin pressed his lips together. She was apathetic. He wanted to help but wasn't sure how. “Watch down here or upstairs?”

“Down here is fine,” replied Kim as she slipped her feet off the chair in front of her and stood, setting down her mug before pushing in the chairs.

Retrieving her mug, she also grabbed her phone off the table and quickly checked for any notifications, which were only a couple of emails touting sales at the stores she frequented, on her way to the living room. “Want to share a blanket?” She asked as she deleted the emails and set her phone aside.

“Always,” he smiled, grabbing the remotes and sitting next to her. He put his arm around her shoulder while pulling up Netflix.

Wrapping the both of them up in the blanket, Kim snuggled against him, draping her arm across his torso as she rested her head on his chest. “Why do you think she'll come around?” Kim asked as he pulled up the movie, her mind still on Maddy.

“Huh?” he asked, then remembered that she was stressing about Maddy. “She’s tried to avoid and push Scott away more than once, she always comes back,” he shrugged.

Kim nodded, tightening her arm around him to hug him. He made a good point. “I love you.” She said, tilting her head up so she could look at him. “I promise I'll watch the movie now.”

“Love you too,” he said kissing the top of her head and holding her close as the Marvel logo flipped across the screen.


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