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Chinese and Chill

Posted on Fri Dec 29th, 2017 @ 10:43pm by Ensign Madison "Maddy" Chapman

Chinese and Chill
Mortimer Home
Maddy Chapman and Scott Mortimer
Timeline: a few days after being released from quarantine

Warmth, silence, protection, the water cacoon allowed her to relax. With just the right amount of air in her lungs she was able to hover a foot above the bottom of the pool. This was a close to home as she would ever find. Her eyes were closed but she knew it was sunny out and unusually warm for May in Colorado.

The peace was shattered as the pool rocked with a sharp crash. Maddy rolled over to her back, a scowl pulling her lips tight and her eyebrows down as she saw the rock plummeting through the water. Subtly and patience was not his strong suit. Though if she was being honest with herself, something she often failed at, they were not her strong suit either. Her own stubbornness told her to ignore the rock and stay until the purple spots appeared before her eyes just to make him wait. However, she also knew more rocks would be tossed into her safe space. He was such a child.

Flipping back over, her long flutter kicks brought her to where the intruding rock had landed. Her fist closed around it as she released the remaining air from her lung. A firm push off the concrete pool sent her soaring towards the surface. Her eyes closed but for a moment as she crossed the line from water to air. She had already assumed his location based upon where the rock had landed and as soon as she hit the air her eyes were locked upon him. Resisting the urge to aim at his head, she tossed the rock at his stomach.

“Oyi!” Scott exclaimed with surprise, jumping to the side to avoid the projectile.

“Ever hear of something called patience?” Maddy glared at her husband.

He laughed. “I don’t think you’re allowed to call me out on that one baby. How long have you been home?”

“About half an hour,” she replied as she swam over to the side of the pool. “I thought you had a dinner meeting.”

“Canceled it,” Scott said, letting his eyes follow the water that ran down her body as she hoisted herself from the pool. “Rather spend the time with you while you’re on a few days of light duty, don’t get this time as often,” he smiled.

“I was going to order in chinese, drink, and catch up on the Blacklist. Still a plan or do you have another idea?” While it was warmer than usual, the cool air still sent goosebumps over her wet skin.

“How about a nice dinner out?” Scott asked, following her to the chair where her towel resided.

“I don’t know Scott, not sure I feel like going out,” Maddy replied, wrapping the towel around herself.

“What if we invite Kim and Kevin?” he asked, hoping to sweeten the pot.

“Absolutely not,” Maddy said with a bite in her voice.

Scott’s eyebrow creased curiously. “Why not?” he probed.

“Not up to being social,” she kept her tone even.

“It's not really social, it's Kim and Kevin,” Scott followed up.

“Well it's social now,” Maddy quipped, “I'm going to grab a shower.” Without waiting for him to reply she spin on her heels and stormed into the house.

Interesting, Scott thought watching her walk away. Was she still upset about the pregnancy? He would have to ask her later.


Maddy could hear the ring of the doorbell as she brushed her semi dry hair. If Scott had invited them over even after she said no, she would kill him. Growling she debated about going down to kick his ass or stay in the bedroom and pretend to be clueless. She left the bathroom and fell down backwards on to the bed. Maddy knew if she went down and chewed Scott out in front of Kim and Kevin it would permanently slam the door on her and Kim's friendship. And she was not ready to completely close that door…. Yet. For a brief moment Maddy wondered if she should unpack the anger and resentment bubbling inside of her. The thought was banished almost as quickly as it had arrived. Self reflection was not in her tool bag.

“Maddy,” Scott called as he walked up the stairs. “Chinese is here, beer chilled.”

“Who brought it?” Maddy asked, not looking over but she heard him enter the room. Damn squeaky floor board.

“The delivery guy,” Scott said confused.

“Was his name Kevin?” she said pointedly.

“No, you said you didn’t want them to come over,” Scott replied, walking over to sit down on the bed next to her. He gently rubbed her thigh. “You want to talk about it?”

“Nope,” Maddy shook her head.

“Ok.” He let a breath of silence pass. “So Chinese?” he smiled at her.

“I guess.” She sat up.

“Great,” he kept his smile hoping it would rub off on her. “I’ve got the DVR all warmed up, we both could use a snuggly TV and Chinese night.” He kissed her forehead as they stood up.

Maddy sighed, shooting him some side eye. She knew what he was up to, he was trying to make her feel better. And he probably would, she smirked as they walked downstairs.


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