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First Steps

Posted on Mon Oct 30th, 2017 @ 12:32pm by Sergeant Greg Milson

Greg had been sitting the Humvee as it bumped along the road from Fort Carson to the Cheyenne Mountain Division headquarters, his transfer from Fort Carson had been a bit abrupt given he'd just rotated back stateside from Afghanistan with the rest of his unit which was part of the 10th SFG. It'd been hairy to say the least but they'd all be looking forward to some downtime.

The vehicle approached the giant arched entry way into the mountainside, Greg's mind still wondered why he had been transferred from is unit to the complex. He hadn't heard of a new SOC unit being put together but then it was hard to figure out what was real and what was hyperbole about what happened underneath the mountain. In his time serving out of Fort Carson he'd heard all sorts of weird rumors and stories of things happening up on the mountain.

Finally the Humvee came to a stop just inside of the cave like entrance, the sergeant stepped out of the vehicle before grabbing his bag of personal effects. The deployment bag slung over his shoulder now via the strap as he was directed towards the doorway that was flanked by a pair of armed guards who stood just outside of the thick steel door obviously meant to secure the facility. Greg stopped at the checkpoint where a pair of MPs checked his bag and identification. "Right this way Sergeant."

He was lead towards the elevator where he was accompanied by a captain."Won't be long now Sergeant." The air force captain grinned slightly, he'd seen the look of curiosity and unanswered questions before enough times. Once the doors slide closed he pushed the button for the eleventh floor."We'll be going down and then transferring elevators."

The captain saw the perplexed looked on Greg's face that."So, they didn't tell you the assignment did they?" Greg shook his head in slight."All I got told was to report to Cheyenne mountain two days ago, only been back in country about a week now." The captain nodded as the elevator continued it's descent into the mountainside, the trip itself only took five minutes at most before they were disembarking onto a floor that was staffed MPs of various services.

Greg was led from there towards the checkpoint, the captain took a step back."You'll be taken down a floor after this, everything else will be explained in due course." The officer left Greg then and headed back towards the elevator bank behind them, the checkpoint was practically identical to the one on the surface with the exception of the patches that were on the shoulders of the MPs there. Greg had never seen anything of the sort, It was a arrow and a circle overlaid over a representation of the each.

His clearance and identification were checked again, this time he was directed to the pair of elevators by one of the armed MPs. One of them escorted him and into the elevator."First stop will be the thirteenth floor, get your bunk and orders there." The soldier punched the down call button on the dull stainless plate before the audible ding was heard from the elevator in front of them, both of the soldiers filed into the elevator as Greg's escort pushed the numbered button for the thirteenth floor.

The trip short to say the least given the speed of the elevator, it audibly announced their arrival before the doors slid open. The MP escorted Greg to the room he'd be sharing with a handful of other soldiers for the moment until his assignment was finalized.


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