Stargate Command

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The Derelict

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A ship belonging to the enemy is discovered damaged and adrift. A team is sent from the SGC to board it and find out what they can about this race, and how this ship came to the Milky Way.


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A small team is sent back through to a planet that had been mapped out a few years ago and ruins located, but never cataloged. What will they find there, and will a person with no memory begin to find their way...

Description of P2X-4441

It is a lush world, with tropical like conditions for part of the year. Ruins indicate the civilization reached a late iron age equivalent on Earth, with religious structures dominating villages and towns. A system of cobblestone roads was evident, and large stone temples were made, but only a few are still standing mostly intact. The day/night cycle is roughly equivalent to Earth, coming in at 22 hours for one rotation. There are only 3 seasons in this location, a very warm summer, a cool and wet fall, and a cool and dry spring. Plants are very abundant, including large trees the size of Sequoia’s.

Blast to the Past

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Chapman and Fisher find themselves flung back to the 90s, and encounter a few people along they way that can make a difference to the future of SGC...and to humanity.

Lost in Time

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Admiral Fisher and Ensign Chapman step through a gate...and end up back in time. They have to figure out how to get home, and will Chapman change the course of her history?

Who Keeps The Galaxy Safe?

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A new, unknown threat besets the galaxy. Worlds are falling out of contact with Stargate Command, starting 5 months ago. The first world to fall was Maritania, the Roman Planet, a long, steady ally to Earth. Who is causing the destruction of these planets?

A group from the SGC will be dispatched a world that has been encountered once before, P5X-211, on a distress call, requesting medical aid. The SGC has only had contact with them twice previously, so they are a bit of an unknown quantity, other than they are moderately friendly toward Earth.

First Steps

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A team from the SGC is being dispatched to a new planet, PX2-187, that was discovered by one of the SGC scout ships that is mapping new planets. They scout vessel learned the gate coordinates, and not having a full planetary team on board, have let Stargate Command know the gate to send a recon team to.