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Major Kimberly Spears

Name Kimberly Ann Spears

Position Chief of Medical

Rank Major

Character Information

Gender Female
Age 36

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6:
Weight 127
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description Average height and athletic build. Kim has no tattoo's. A small beauty mark on the right side of her nose and left side of her chin. She also has a small scar across her left cheek and along the side of her chin from a major car accident she was in. She is muscularly built but lean muscle since she likes to run.

Personality & Traits

General Overview Kimberly is an outgoing person, good at her job. She loves helping others and is empathetic to those in need. From a young age she was drawn to medicine, quite often playing doctor on her stuffed animals and dolls to "fix them up". She is dedicated and loyal, almost to a fault at times.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Dedicated, intelligent, hard working

Weaknesses: Can become too focused on one task, lose sight of bigger picture.
Ambitions To continue to save lives while exploring other worlds. Start a family with her husband and move to Texas after her service contract is up.
Hobbies & Interests Hiking, running, drinking

Personal History Kim grew up in rural Roanoke VA. Her mother, Diane, is an accomplished chef and restaurant owner in downtown Roanoke. Her father, Timothy, is an engineer for GE, designing aeronautical engines. Her brother, James, is 9 years younger than her and an architect, having graduated from UVA, and has a girlfriend, Sarah.

During her time in high school, Kim found she enjoyed both athletics, participating in cross country skiing and competitive cheer leading, as well as academic events, joining the Academic Bowl team. Graduating near the top of her class from Cave Springs High School, Kim set her sights on becoming a doctor. It was her childhood dream to help those who were hurt and sick, so she applied to the University of Virginia for the pre-med undergraduate program, attending the university on a full ride scholarship.

Her idea to continue her medical school through the military happened suddenly after attending an airshow with her family and reading some fliers on what she could do with a military career. Realizing she could travel the world while being a doctor, and discovering she could get her MD without racking up a lot of debt if she could get accepted into the Uniformed Services University's medical program, she applied for the school. Her parents were less than thrilled with her decision to sign an eight year contract with the Air Force to get her MD, but have supported her and her military career.

After graduation from medical school, Kim was assigned to Wilford Hall Medical Center as an Emergency Room physician. She loved the fast paced ER environment, and often took advantage of any training she could attend to enhance her skills, cross training to gain emergency surgery certification. In May of 2008, she deployed in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan. She first worked at Kabul AB for just over a month before a request for a volunteer doctor to deploy out to a forward operating base, Salerno. Kim volunteered for the assignment and spent five months in a hot bed for Taliban and Al-Qaeda, as they were near the Pakistan boarder. The forward base was a main medical evacuation point for injured troops and civilians being transported to larger trauma centers in Afghanistan from the battle field. She mainly stabilized patients who came in so they could safely be transported onto Kabul or Bagram AB. She also participated in MEDCAP, a humanitarian mission to provide healthcare needs to surrounding villages.

While stationed at FOB Salerno, the base came under back to back attacks, one at the main gate which killed 10 Afghans and injured 13. The next day, Taliban forces tried to breach the walls of the base as six Taliban suicide bombers attempted to blow holes in the barriers to allow other Taliban forces inside the base. Their attempt was foiled as 3 were shot and killed and 3 other's vests deployed prematurely.

After she returned from her deployment back to Texas, she received orders to F.E. Warren AFB in Wyoming a few short months later. She continued as an Emergency Room physician at her new base for a year, before volunteering for a deployment back to Afghanistan, this time being assigned to the main trauma hospital in Bagram AB. While there, the base came under attack several times. One rocket attack struck near the barracks where Kim was assigned. She was in her bunk at the time of the attack, but was not injured, and rushed outside to render immediate aid to others who were injured, ignoring the threat of more rocket attacks. A couple of months later, several dozen attacks were launched on the base, resulting in multiple injuries and a casualty, as well as damage to buildings on base. While on scene during the attack, Kim ran low on supplies trying to stabilize some of the injured, and ended up coming up with creative solutions to stretch the supplies, saving several lives in the process. Her actions during both attacks earned her the Bronze Star Medal for heroic and meritorious service in a combat zone. She returned back to Wyoming after a 6 month tour, and settled back into a routine back home.

In early 2011, she was called into her commanding officers office at the beginning of her shift. It was then she was informed by her CO, along with a General that she was being assigned TDY on a highly classified mission in Colorado to fill in for another physician. Nothing could have prepared her for the SGC or her missions she would undertake during her temporary assignment. As the orders came close to running out, the Chief Medical Officer she had been filling in for resigned from her post, and Admiral Fischer offered Kim the opportunity to stay on permanently. She accepted his offer and was officially assigned as the SGC permanently.

Since the first day Kim arrived at SGC, she struck up a friendship with one of the medics who worked in the infirmary, Maddy Chapman. While Maddy helped her learn the ropes dealing with being assigned to the Stargate Program, she developed a deep respect for the other woman as they became best friends, though their friendship had been tested by missions and conflicts. Maddy was instrumental in helping Kim recover from a serious car accident she suffered in the fall of 2014, when she suffered severe injuries and amnesia due to a brain injury. Kim pretty much considers Maddy her sister and her closest confidant at work.

Kimberly met her husband Kevin in 2014 through Maddy's boyfriend Scott, at a BBQ hosted at their place. Months later, Kim and Kevin reconnected during a set up game night in April 2015 . They hit it off and began long distance dating, as he was a private pilot for a corporation, based out of Dallas TX. While dating, they took a vacation to Las Vegas, where they impulsively decided to get married in October of 2015. He moved to Colorado in March of 2016 to live with her so they could be a family.
Service Record


Spouse Kevin Spears
Children None
Father Timothy Eaton
Mother Diane Eaton
Brother(s) James Eaton
Sister(s) None

Education and Service Record

Education Graduated Cave Springs, HS, Roanoke Virginia 1999

Pre Med undergraduate at University of Virginia 2002

Graduated USU Medical School Class of 2006

Graduated Air Force Commissioned Officer Training (COT) - 2002

Specialties: General Medicine, Emergency Medicine, Emergency Surgery, Epidemiology, Health Promotion, Disease Prevention, Tropical Medicine, Leadership and Field Exercises, Medical Effects of Mass Destruction.
Service Record Promoted to 2nd Lt 2002
Promoted to 1st Lt 2004
Promoted to Captain 2006
Promoted to Major 2016

Emergency Room Physician, Wilford Hall Medical Center, Lackland AFB TX 2006-2008

Deployment to OEF, Kabul, Afghanistan May- June 2008

Forward Deployment to FOB Salerno July-Nov 2008

Emergency Room Physician, 90th MDG, F.E. Warren AFB, WY 2009-2011

Deployment to OEF, Bagram, Afghanistan February - July 2010

Chief of Medical Department, Stargate Command, Cheyenne Mountain, CO 2011-Present