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Civilian John Doe

Name John Doe

Position Civilian

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 5'7"
Weight 187lbs
Hair Color dirty blonde
Eye Color blue
Physical Description Strong athletic in form and quite handsome given the circumstances with chiseled features predominate of the jaw and symmetry of the face; though, he cater's a scar that separates the hairline of his right eyebrow the skin beneath and of the cheekbone on the right faintly belay a previous and forgotten injury.

His hands bare the scars and gruffness of a workmen's, calloused with use though, as predicted upon asking, he hasn't any memory only reminders. There is a cut above his left forearm, a dancing scar that stretches up to the shoulder, stopping just south of the clavicle. Another scar, a bullet wound, enters the upper right quadrant of his abdomen, the exit would clearing upon his back above the kidney. On his left thigh a knife wound that seemed to clearly puncture through the meat and muscle of the limb.

On crook of his arm, a branding, a crucifix with a double stand, the pommel facing up the bicep; though, smaller still into the soft flesh and inked in the color of skin as to not be entirely noticeable.

Personality & Traits

General Overview He is an amnesic, not knowing of the world or of his past or simply how, why, and when he came to be; not even knowing his name. He bares reminders of a past life, a branding, scars, reflex thought here and there at a time of crisis or of spontaneity. But by an large, he is simply nameless, faceless, and holds ties.
Strengths & Weaknesses An understanding of the English and French languages with the ability to read and write in both ambidextrously. He appears and acts to be intelligent and knowledgeable about many subjects. Though he carries scars of a man of military, he hasn't been associated in utilizing such talents. It is subjective that given the scenario and instrumentation, he would be able to defend and fight should it be of a requirement as physically he seems to be trained in combat.

Beyond all things however he is a stranger in a strange land. The act of being within an unknown state breaks that he does not understand it's intricacies. It is one thing to know how to speak and write and possibly fight, it is another to put that to purpose. He hasn't one and he does not see the world for what it truly can be.
Ambitions An understanding. He is a man with not a past, a history he does not know in a world he does not understand as fluently. Ambition to understand not only the waking world but that of his dreams is a constant companion.
Hobbies & Interests He does not know if he has any. Though reading seems to be one of them as he does know works of literature.


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