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Captain Kendric MacLochron

Name Kendric MacLochron

Position Infiltration Specialist

Rank Captain

Character Information

Gender Male

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8
Weight 200 lbs
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Green
Physical Description Kendric wears his hair long, and keeps a nicely braided full beard. His build and scars show that he was raised a warrior and he's rarely, if ever, seen not wearing the kilt baring the tartan of his homeworld.

Personality & Traits

Personal History Born and raised on the planet Nibheis, Kendric lived among the people underneath Beira. Beira, as far as we can tell, had been a rogue System Lord posing as the Scottish Goddess of Creation, and treasured her people, creating a fairly advanced Celtic civilization in the stars. Kendric become one of the favored warriors of Beira known as the Fomorians. The Fomorians were the soldiers of Beira, and they were sworn to protect Nibheis from invaders. Additionally they had teams that would travel through Nibheis' Stargate to offer aid to worlds suffering from Goa'uld attacks as well as trade with other civilizations. The Fomorian uniform included a kilt with special tartans designating their rank and responsibilities. The most honored Fomorian warriors were given Naquadah bladed swords and finely sharpened daggers in addition to the standard energy weapons.

Kendric rose to be among the amongst the most honored Fomorian warriors and regarded as the most loyal and dutiful to Beira, and he was given the task of leading the primary Fomorian team for gate missions, one of highest honors of his people.

After returning home from one of his missions, Kendric and his team discovered that Nibheis had been decimated, there were none left alive. After mourning the loss of their people and their Goddess, and realizing that they could not sustain themselves on the planet anymore after the devestation, Kendric's team left the planet for good and continued their mission of aid. As the years passed the toll began to wear upon his warriors and they began to lose their desire to push onwards. Some fell in battle, others managed to find new homes and families among those that they had aided.

Kendric, as being the most devoted to his Goddess continued his mission as his troops dwindled. Eventually running into an Earth Stargate team that had been captured. He and his remaining warriors rescued the SG Team and managed to successfully escort them back to the Gate, however a wounded Kendric was the only remaining survivor from the Nibheis team. SGC aided Kendric in his recovery, and upon discovering that their missions aligned with his own became a permanent ally to the SGC and joined them for future missions.

Kendric continues to honor his history by wearing his kilt and carrying the weapons bestowed upon him by Beira, his sword, dagger, and energy pistol.

Much to the dismay of most SGC members he has also taken up the Scottish practice of Bagpipes as a way of trying to find connection with the peoples of Earth, which he has realized was likely the original home of his people.


Education and Service Record