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Colonel Jordon Mason

Name Jordon Tylor Mason Jr.

Position SDS Security Liaison

Rank Colonel

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 37

Physical Appearance

Height 6' 4"
Weight 210 lbs
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Hazel
Physical Description Athletic/Muscular Build
Tattoo - Dragon - Upper Back
Tattoo - Soldiers Cross - Upper Right Arm
Tattoo - Eagle, Globe, Anchor - Upper Left Arm
Scar - Left Torso - Bullet Wound, through and through
Scar - Left Thigh - Knife Wound

Personality & Traits

General Overview Jordon likes to have fun, and often tries to joke with his teammates and keep their spirits up. He usually has a good sense when to stop. He has sometimes been accused of being flirty, but anyone who knows him would never accuse him of crossing the line. He has a dogged determination when it comes to completing his mission, and tends to get attached to his teammates, and while he knows loss is part of the job, this attachment tends to cause him to feel those losses a lot more than he should.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths: Collected, Stable, Strong (Mentally and Physically)

Weaknesses: Has trouble letting go of things, takes most losses personally, feels responsible for things he couldn't have helped.
Ambitions Complete current contract and retire, spend more time with family and working the ranch.
Hobbies & Interests Poker, Music, Bikes, Classic Cars, Computers, and Weapons.

Personal History

Born to Jordon Tylor Mason Sr. and Lilly Amanda Mason, Jordon Jr. was the first of 4 children to the Masons. Jordon Sr. was a third generation Marine, and as such spent the majority of Jordon’s early life overseas. While his father’s side of the family tended to lean towards Military, his mother’s side came from oil money. It had been Lilly’s Fathers dream to start a Ranch, and a few years before his death he finally saw his dream become a reality. In honor of his only daughter’s family, and her help in setting things up, he named it the Mason Ranch. When he passed he left the entire property to Lilly. Most of Lilly’s family didn’t approve of her decision to marry a Marine, but they didn’t really let this decision come between them.

Early Life:

By the age of 10 Jordon had started helping his mother take care of the younger kids and working around the Ranch. He chose to be homeschooled to allow him to spend more time around the ranch and helping his mother. Even being financially comfortable, taking care of 4 kids and managing the Ranch was still quite a task, so his mother was happy that he wanted to help, even if he was still young. Despite this however she required him to do some activities that would help him learn to socialize. Jordon chose Music, Martial Arts, and Hockey.

Teenage Years:

As he reached his later teenage years he took on the self-appointed role of protector over his family. At the age of 16 this role got him into a bit of trouble. While at the store with his mother a couple of men decided to get a little to grabby with his mother in the parking lot. Jordon put his now years of Martial Arts to the test, and the ensuing fight saw both men hospitalized, and Jordon arrested for assault, however no charges were filed, as neither man wanted to admit that they were both beaten by a 16-year-old.

At the age of 17, Jordan had already completed High School, and with both his mother and fathers blessing followed in the family tradition of joining the Marine Corps. His father took a posting that would keep him at home more often (Recruiter), and Jordon had been teaching his younger brothers how to keep an eye on his sister and mother. Jordon said his good byes to his family and left for Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island.


Despite spending a lot of his time training and improving himself for the corps, Jordon always enjoyed learning. While he didn’t have time to attend a normal college, Online programs were starting to become available. Over the years he accrued two Bachelors Degrees, A Masters, and a Doctorate.

3 years after joining the Corps, Jordon was temporarily assigned to an Air Force Base undergoing Urban Combat Training with an Air Force unit. His unit was hanging out at a local bar after exercises that day and a beautiful waitress named Caitlin came to take their order. Jordon found himself infatuated, and while she was seemingly uninterested, at the very least, much to his teammates amusement, she turned down his advances.

For the next 6 weeks, while he was there on training, he spent most of his free evenings in the bar trying to get to know her better. His last weekend there she finally sat down at his table and told him he could buy her dinner. While they had a good time, he knew it couldn’t last as he was shipping out 2 weeks later.

He was 3 weeks into his tour when he got a letter from her. She told him he made more of an impression than she realized, as she found herself missing his presence in the evenings. They swapped letters for the next year until he came home. When he did, she found a job closer to Pendleton so they could spend more time together.
6 months later, just before he deployed again, he proposed, and she said yes. His 6-month tour turned into a year, but finally his tour was up. They set a date, and had a small wedding of just close family. Almost 9 months to the day their first child, Jordon Tylor Mason III was born. It was almost 2 years later when Caitlin gave birth to their second child, Stephanie Lilly Mason.

Service Record


Jordon joined the United States Marine Corps at the age of 17. Having completed 4 years of a JROTC program, he was able to join as a Lance Corporal. He attended Recruit Training at Marine Corps Recruit Depot Parris Island, before moving on to School of Infantry to train with the Infantry Training Battalion at the USMC School of Infantry (East), before moving on to his Basic Reconnaissance Course at School of Infantry (West), graduating as a MOS 0321, and assigned to the 1st Reconnaissance Battalion.

He scored top marks in all his courses including SERE, USMC Combatant Diver Course, Basic Airborne Course, Multi Mission Parachute Course, and the Special Operations Training Group, and was given the new MOS 0326.

After his first rotation his Commander, having been impressed with his abilities in the field, recommended him for Scout Sniper Training. Jordon was a natural, and before he returned to his unit, was given the opportunity to take a number of other courses including Urban, High Angle, and Israeli Foreign Forces Snipers School.

Having proven himself in the field on more than a few occasions, by his 3rd rotation he’d been made a team leader and was once again sent for training which this time included time at the US Army Ranger School, US Army Recon and Surveillance Leaders Course, the Pathfinder Course, and the Scout Snipers Team Leader Course.

While most of his time outside of training involved many missions to “Classified” locations, Jordon found that he spent time in nearly every hell hole the Corps could find. Part of the job in his chosen MOS, and the brass quickly learned that Jordon was perfect for it, seemed the worse the local, the better he performed.

Shortly after attaining the rank of Gunnery Sergeant, while station with a Joint Task Force at Camp Lemonnier, Djibouti, Jordon was assigned to a rescue team sent into Somalia. In an attempt to drive villagers away, and secure his northern front, a Somali Warlord attacked the small village of Diric with Chemical Weapons. The JTF was sent in to get as many Civilians out as possible, and to help those they could.

4 CV-22 Osprey’s with 10 Marines each we’re sent in, with another much larger team being readied behind them. The team set down and went to work, checking the dead, and directing the walking wounded to the evacs, and prepping those that couldn’t wake to move. They had only been there about 20 minutes when they were informed that by an Air Force Asset in the area that the Warlord that attacked them was nearing the village. Jordon and his team, had just come across a small school where a number of children and families had taken shelter, part of the building had collapsed trapping them inside. They were working on digging them out when the order came in to evacuate. Unable to bring himself to leave that many civilians behind, he radioed back in they couldn’t leave the estimated 40 women and children behind to die. Military brass, while sympathetic, couldn’t risk the rest of the force even if it was to save 40 people, they repeated their orders to evac, and told they had 5 minutes.

Unable to get his own children out of his head, Jordon ordered the rest of his team to get out of there, while he started pulling debris away from the entrance. Much to his pride, and regret, his entire team refused to leave without him. Working as quickly as they could, they managed to dig an opening and started getting people out. Many of them were injured and close to dead, but there were many more that could move. They started heading towards the Evacuation point. They’d gotten about half of them out when the unmistakable sound of a mortar could be heard. The round detonated on the school, bring it down on those left inside. A second round struck near, Cpl. Donahue screamed to Jordon’s right, shrapnel had torn his leg apart. Small arms fire erupted from the south, and they were forced to take cover.

Jordon accepted the inevitable, and told himself he’d saved all he could, nobody could have survived the buildings collapsed, not when combined with the chemical agent around them. He grabbed his fallen Marine and hoofed it back to the Evac. He arrived at the LZ just in time to watch his ride leaving without him. He grabbed his radio, but it’d been damaged by the attack. The weapons fire was intensifying, and it didn’t take long for him to realize that they’d been left for dead, though he knew it’d been his own fault for staying behind, he couldn’t believe the Brass was more worried about their equipment than the lives of Civilians and their own Marines.

His team, along with the help of what civilians were left, armed, and able to fight held off the enemy long enough for them to get out. Over the next 28 days Jordon and his team dodged enemy troops, hid where they could, and made the long trip over the Ethiopian border.

Details are sketchy of how they managed to do it, but when they were picked up by the Ethiopian National Defense Force, they had only half of the Villagers they’d set out with, and only 3 Marines had survived.

Jordon spent the next 3 months in medical exams and debriefs. Brass wanted to Court Marshall him for disobeying orders, and getting most of his team killed, which he insisted he ordered them to stay and help. His surviving team members however said they all stayed voluntarily and had been ordered by him to leave. Word had gotten around as to how they had managed to get out of country and save a fair number of villagers in the process. It left the Brass in a bit of a pickle, as Jordon and his team were viewed by many of the locals and JTF members as heroes. In the end in an attempt to co-opt the public opinion of the mission, they were awarded medals, and sent home to early retirement.


Always on the lookout for new personnel, SDS took great interest in the story of Jordon and his Marines. When word of them being released from service reached the PMC, they quickly put out feelers to find out if they could recruit them. Jordon’s teammates were quickly decided to be ineligible, one was missing a limb, and the other had sever PTSD. Jordon however still seemed to be a model soldier. He had been settled back in with his family on the Ranch for almost 6 months when he was approached by SDS. At first, he flat out told them no, after what he had been through he was happy to be home with his family. But they didn’t give up, offering him more money, and other benefits.

Finally pointing out he wasn’t far from their training facilities, they offered him a position as an Instructor. He would still see his family, and his years of experience wouldn’t go to waste. While he did enjoy spending time with his family, he did miss the life, and after a long discussion with his wife, agreed.

He had been instructing for only a year when they asked if he’d got on a Rescue Mission. It had to be thrown together hastily, and they needed someone with experience. Knowing his wife wouldn’t be happy he agreed. One mission became two, soon after a third. By his 4th year with the company, he was spilting his time between missions and training. While he missed his family, and they missed him it was what he seemed to enjoy, and his family could understand that.

After nearly 10 years, rumors started abounding that the company was expanding. A new team was being created, and Jordon was one the short list of people to lead the team. He worked hard, trained hard, and by the end it was down to just two possible team leaders. However, when the dust settled, it was given to the other applicant. Jordon wasn’t happy, but decided in the end it was better, leading that team would mean years away from his family.

He was just getting ready to head back home when he was handed an envelope with new orders. SDS was being contracted by the government to provide security for a special project, and Jordon had been selected to head up SDS operations as well as act as a Liaison for the company. This would require him to change locations, something he was not willing to do. He took the matter all the way up the personnel change until finally reaching the Owner. He listened intently to Jordon’s worries and complaints, but in the end, Jordon was under contract, and as long as SDS maintained their end, Jordon was required to go.


Spouse Caitlin Jennifer Mason
Children Son - Jordon Tylor Mason III
Daughter - Stephanie Lilly Mason
Father Jordon Tylor Mason Sr.
Mother Lilly Amanda Mason
Brother(s) John James Mason
Chris Gene Mason
Sister(s) Lauren Amanda Mason

Education and Service Record

Education Home-schooled:
- Kindergarten – 8th
- Lambert High School (Correspondence Program): 9th - 12th

New Jersey City University (Online):
- Doctorate of Science in Civil Security Leadership, Management, and Policy
---- Concentration in Intelligence and Cybersecurity.

University of North Dakota (Online):
- Masters of Science in Aviation

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (Online):
- Bachelor of Science in Aviation Security

Mercer University (Online):
- Bachelor of Science: Homeland Security and Emergency Management
Service Record


Initial Training

- Basic Training: Marine Corps Recruit Depot – Parris Island
---- Contract PFC upon Gradation
---- Selected as Squad Leader
---- Awarded Ironman, Company High Shooter, Company Honor Grad
---- Promoted Lance Corporal
- School of Infantry: Infantry Training Battalion – USMC School of Infantry East
- Basic Reconnaissance Course: School of Infantry West
- SERE: MC Mountain Warfare Training Center
- USMC Combatant Diver Course: Navy Diving and Salvage Training Center – Panama City, Florida
- Basic Airborne Course: US Army Airborne School – Fort Benning, Georgia
- Multi-Mission Parachute Course: CPS Complete Parachute Systems - Coolidge, Arizona
- Special Operations Training Group: Camp Pendleton
- Other Training Includes: Advanced Long Range Communications Package, Weapons and Tactics Package, Threat Weapons Familiarization, Force Fires, Mobile Reconnaissance, Advanced Airborne, Combat Trauma, Amphibious Training, Land Navigation, Patrolling, Calling and Adjusting Supporting Arms

First Deployment

- Assigned Force Reconnaissance Company, 1st Recon Battalion, Camp Pendleton
- Intelligence Gathering Operations – Middle East
---- Mission Specifics Classified
---- Promoted Corporal

Continuation Training

- Scout Sniper Basic Course – School of Infantry (West) – Camp Pendleton, California
- Urban Sniper Course
- High Angle (Mountain) course
- Scout Snipers Team Leader Course
- Foreign Forces Sniper School – Israeli Foreign Forces Sniper School

Second Deployment

- Various Intelligence Gathering Operations and Direct-Action Operations – Middle East
---- Mission Specifics Classified
- Direct-Action Operation – Location Classified
---- Mission Specifics Classified
---- Promoted Sergeant

Third Deployment

- Direct-Action Operations – Afghanistan
---- Mission Specifics Classified
---- Promoted Staff Sergeant

Forth Deployment

- Joint Task Force – Djibouti
---- Various Intelligence Operations
---- Promoted Gunnery Sergeant

Fifth Deployment

- Joint Task Force – Djibouti
---- Various Intelligence Operations
---- Civilian Rescue Operations
---- Reported Missing In Action

Return and Retirement

- Ordered to Report for Phycological Examination
- Accepted Early Retirement

Specter Defense Services

- Accepted Position as Instructor
---- Specialized in Marksmanship Training and Intelligence Gathering
- Assigned Secondary Duty of Search and Rescue Specialist
- Applied for Wraith Team Leader, Denyed
- Assigned to Stargate Command as Security Liaison for Off-World Teams