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Civilian Scott Mortimer

Name Scott Charles Mortimer

Position Civilian

Rank Civilian

Character Information

Gender Male
Age 41

Physical Appearance

Height 6'4"
Weight 200
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Tall, broad shoulder, Australian

Personality & Traits

Hobbies & Interests SCUBA diving, video games, hiking, travel

Personal History Grew up in Indooroopilly. His father is a member Clearance Diving Team with the Royal Australian Navy who went on a couple of missions with Troy Chapman. When Scott studied abroad, he went to San Diego and spent a great deal of time with the Chapman family. Maddy was only 16 and Scott knew she had a huge crush on him but did everything he could to avoid and ignore it. When he moved to Stanford to get his MBA he would visit occasionally.

After getting his MBA he worked for an IT firm for a year before deciding to start his own company, AlterTec. He named it AlterTec because he wanted to alter the world of technology. He created an encryption code that revolutionized online security in 2001. Since then his company continues to create new encryptions and hire the best hackers to ensure their codes are unbeatable.

When he heard about the Chapman's accident and Maddy's subsequent disappearance from his Dad, he went out and tracked her down. He tried to convince her not to do anything rash and stupid, to come home and go get her medical license. She did not listen to him but did email him occasionally. He always worried about her. When she wrote him that she had been permanently assigned to Colorado and how much she hated the living quarters on base, he decided to buy a house. He surprised her with it as a place she could come and stay. Technically they'd be roommates, but since he traveled a lot, it would practically be her place.

For the first 3 and a half years, everything was fine. He flew in and out to check on her occasionally but started spending more and more time in Colorado realizing he wanted to be around her. She had a crush on him as a teenager and he realized he wished she still did. He started pursuing her and it took years before Maddy admitted she was in love with him too. They finally married on December 27, 2015.
Service Record Information Technology and Buisness bachelors University of Queensland 1998
Study abroad University of California San Diego Fall of 1996
Masters in Business Administration Stanford University 2000


Spouse Madison Chapman
Father Steve Mortimer
Mother Natalie Mortimer
Sister(s) Kara Williams, married to Robert Williams and daughter Miranda

Education and Service Record